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Risk factors for sex trafficking increase due to pandemic

WJHL Some might be surprised to learn that the United States is ranked as one of the worst countries in the world for human trafficking. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation says like most organized criminal activity, child sex trafficking video human trafficking news everywhere; including right here in the Tri-Cities region.

video human trafficking news

Trafficking of children is a sneaky crime. It often flies under the radar because traffickers are good at what they do.

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They advocate for local survivors of trafficking, and argue that you will find child sex trafficking anywhere there are vulnerabilities. Yes, family-based. That means the most common way for children to be trafficked in the state of Tennessee is not through abduction or kidnapping.

For the overwhelming majority of cases, it starts in the video human trafficking news or with someone the child trusts.

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Maxx parking lot, that is an extremely small percent of what we see. Does it happen?

TBI looked into about cases of human trafficking in statewide and received over tips to their hotline. For so far, they have already received nearly ; meaning the trend of reporting is going up. This means money is being made off of the abuse of the child.

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We have had cases down to toddlers, 8 to 11 year olds. TBI reports human trafficking is the second fastest growing criminal industry in the United States, as well as in Tennessee, ranking just behind drug trafficking.

video human trafficking news

They say every two minutes a child is bought or sold for sex in the U. To understand trafficking, you have to look at it like a business.

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There is a constant demand and traffickers are willing to victimize children to meet it, and make money. Since in Tennessee most children are forced into the sex trade by someone they know or a family member, it is clear they are tapping into a high-dollar industry.

Florida had the third-highest rate of human trafficking cases reported across the country in

As a trafficker you have a product, which would be that trafficking victim. You can sell that victim 10 times a day.

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For solicitation of a minor to be considered trafficking, there has to be a commercial gain. Money, drugs, rent, car rides; all are seen as common transactions.

And to keep making money, traffickers are master manipulators of the most vulnerable.

Human trafficking agencies, survivors fight against increasing misinformation

Grow Free Tennessee says with a lot of misinformation and conspiracy about child trafficking spreading online, the focus needs to shift to exposing the real problem. The organization has already taken survivor referrals this year alone in East Tennessee.

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They say one of the best ways to stop trafficking of children is to be educated, raise awareness and know what to look for. This includes a suspicious physical appearance, fearing authority, a child acting out, and much more.

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Read them all here. TBI has four dedicated human trafficking agents serving the 95 counties of Tennessee.

video human trafficking news

Investigators rely heavily on community tips to help them stop trafficking. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. Share this story.

Police assume the method is changing. John Perrine. He said the reality is that most of these cases begin online or more disturbingly, in the home.