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I'm a main battleship player, and because of that I want a Cruiser premium, I already play BBs too much. Those that got my attention are: Atago, seems outdated but I can't lie that it calls my deep inside weeb self.

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So is a ship that don't appeal much because of it's playstyle but more because of sentimental reasons. I can't deny that this is the one that most calls for my money. Indianapolis, seems to be a good ship but kinda a lower tier version of Wichita, sorry if is a misconcepction, I never bought a premium ship and because of that I never paid much attention to them.

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Wichita, maybe a better indianapolis? I think is a good all rounder ship but I can't feel the appeal on playing her, seems to have nothing special.

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It doesn't seems weak, just Boise, the guns, a lot of them, this seems appealing, but not having a radar and not having that much range turns me off a lot. There is nothing that piss me off more than facing an uptier with ships than can shoot you when you can't shoot back I've being on those situations a lot playing with some Tier 5 cruisers and is really frustrating.

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