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    There should be a whole page where your subscriptions, following, popular, history and saved are displayed and sorted on a page filling the whole screen.

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    Categories such as sports, tv shows etc to choose from would also be nice. That would be really helpful. The playback menu is really hard to see against a white background see Philip DeFranco's videos.

    Also, it would be nice to be able to close a video I'm not interested or at least somehow auto pause it while I'm browsing. And this might sound weird, but here's my biggest complaint - as an adult with a job and responsibilities, I need to immediately be able to see what time it is.

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    It would be helpful if the time and battery life, etc. Sometimes functionality is more important than aesthetic design. So can you make it so you have the option to post vertically or horizontally.

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    Also trying to find videos is incredibly confusing and annoying. And then browsing is difficult because it just has one strip at the bottom of the screen instead of having them fill the whole screen with videos or having the layout be the same as the regular instagram so it makes more sense.

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