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Leave a. The tick marks, layout, and aspect ratio of the figure might change. The figure might not fill the entire page. This option leaves a minimum page margin of. Both options are valid only when printing a figure to a printer or saving to a page format such as PDF and PS. They are not valid for Simulink block diagrams.


For example, '-r' sets the output resolution to dots per inch. To specify screen resolution, use '-r0'.

See Changing the page setup below for information on what settings can be changed.

In general, using a higher resolution value yields higher-quality output, but at the cost of higher memory use and larger output files. The higher the resolution setting, the longer it takes to render your figure.

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Specifying the resolution is useful when creating a bitmap image or when using the OpenGL renderer with a vector graphics file format since OpenGL produces a bitmap image even with vector formats. Specifying the resolution has no effect when using the Painters renderer with a vector graphics file format, since Painters produces a true vector graphics file that contains the commands that redraw the figure.

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Note Simulink printing does not support the option printed option. Data Types: char string '-opengl' '-painters' Graphics renderer, specified as '-opengl' or '-painters'. Use this renderer when saving bitmap images.

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OpenGL produces a bitmap image even with vector formats, which might limit the extent to which you can edit the image in other applications. Use this renderer when saving vector graphics files. If you save to a vector graphics file and if the figure RendererMode property is set to 'auto', then print automatically attempts to use the Painters renderer.

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If you want to ensure that your output format is a true vector graphics file, then specify the Painters renderer. For example: print '-painters','-deps','myVectorFile' Note Sometimes, saving a file with the '-painters' option can cause longer rendering times and, option printed rare cases, might not accurately arrange graphics objects in 3-D views.

Also, the Painters renderer cannot print or save lines thinner than one pixel.

HP Printers - How to Print on Both Sides of the Paper (Windows) (Duplexing)

If you do not specify the renderer, then print automatically uses the appropriate renderer to produce the output format requested. However, if you option printed the Renderer property for the figure, then print uses that renderer when generating output.

In the Print dialog box, click Advanced. Note: To learn more about an option, select it. A description appears at the bottom of the dialog box. Set options, and then click OK. Note: Acrobat sets the PostScript level automatically, based on the selected printer.

You can refer to a figure using either its object variable name or using the figure number preceded by -f. For example, -f2 refers to the figure with a Number property value of 2.

  1. DOS Command: PRINT
  2. Turn on or stop duplex printing using settings in the HP print driver.
  3. Preview before printing Select page setup options After you create your report you can set options for the print layout in the Page Setup dialog box.
  4. HP Printers - How to Print on Both Sides of the Paper (Windows) (Duplexing) | HP® Customer Support

When specifying a Simulink block diagram, precede the model name with -s. Specify the current model using '-s'. Output Arguments cdata — Image data n-by-m-by-3 array Image data, returned as an n-by-m-by-3 array.

The size of the option printed data array depends on the PaperPosition property of the figure and the output resolution. Note Starting in Rb, if you use print with the '-r0' option on a high-resolution system, then the size of the cdata output array is larger than in previous releases or on other systems. Limitations Starting MATLAB in no display mode on Linux option printed using the -noFigureWindows startup option on any platform has these limitations for print: Printing or saving figures with visible uicontrols errors.

To print or save the figure, hide the uicontrols by setting their Visible properties to 'off', or use the '-noui' option with the print function.

Select page setup options

Always uses the painters renderer, even if you specify the '-opengl' option. For additional file format options, save the figure to a file by specifying a filename.

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More About collapse all Current Figure The current figure is typically the last figure that you create or click with the mouse. User interaction can change the current figure. To print a specific figure, specify the figure as the first input argument. If you do not specify a figure, then the print function acts on the figure returned by gcbf.

What is the Text print/download option and what does it do?

If gcbf returns empty, then print acts on the figure returned by gcf. Compatibility Considerations Starting in Ra, printed and saved figures match the size of the figure on the screen by default. Previously, printed and saved figures were 8-by-6 inches by default. Tips You can set properties of the figure to control some printing and saving parameters.

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This table lists properties of the figure related to printing and saving. Figure Property.