31 Clever Ways to Make Money Doing Nothing (Almost)

How to make money with nothing

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However, for millions of people, this is how money is acquired each and every day. Although putting in the time to earn a salary at a full- or part-time gig is the norm, there are other ways to produce money. Enter passive income streams, stage left.

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Passive income is the concept of generating earnings or income for yourself that requires little to no work on your part. Instead of swapping your precious time for payment, passive income allows you to reap the rewards of a small amount of up-front work through an ongoing income stream.

It is important to note that passive income is not how to make money with nothing passive — there is work involved in getting an income stream up and running and working in your favor.

Step 2: Find your path to riches. Step 3: Own equity. Lists like this one from Pop Sugar that encourages you to write a blog, create an app, create YouTube videos, etc.

Use Personal Capital to monitor your net worth and cash flow for free. You can use this to make more money while you focus on the more important things in life. Personal Capital Price: Free Personal Capital is my personal favorite for managing my passive income cash flows, investments and retirement accounts. With their free net worth tracker and retirement planner, I can manage my money in less than 10 minutes per month.

Consider Rental Property Historically, owning real estate has been a smart move, from individuals and families to small businesses and large corporations. However, most think of real estate in the realm of owning a home in which they will live and make their own. While that ownership track can lead to wealth over time, investing in real estate through a rental property can lend a hand on the passive income front.

Real estate investing often begins with buying a property that you do not plan to live in yourself, but instead, commit to renting out that space to tenants. If your initial investment in the property is high enough to keep the how to make money with nothing amount low, having a steady renter who pays on time and in full each month, preferably for a longer-term lease, can create additional positive cash flow.

Over time, the surplus between the mortgage payment and the rental income adds to your wallet without you doing much work. Also, a property that requires a heavy dose of TLC may be more of a headache than a cash cow. Be sure to think through your rental income potential both in the short- and long-term, and the commitment of time and capital it may take to keep the property maintained over time.

There are plenty of pros and cons to real estate investing to consider before you get started.

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You can use Fundrise to invest in commercial real estate immediately to start earning passive income. I personally use Fundrise to invest and diversify my real estate portfolio. Merely opening a high-yield savings account can add to your overall financial picture without you putting in any additional effort to generate income. A high-yield savings account works like any other savings account, except that it is often offered by an online financial institution instead of a brick-and-mortar bank or credit union.

Because of their digital structure, online banks have the ability to trading job higher interest rates to consumers, given they have lower overhead expenses. As a customer, you can earn ten to 20 times the national average in interest by putting your idle cash into a high-yield savings account. The majority of high-yield savings options do not charge fees, nor do they have minimum account balance requirements. They take only a moment to set-up, and you can easily link that account to your everyday checking or savings accounts for quick transfers between the two.

This is one of the most straightforward moves you can make with your money to have it work harder for you, rather than you working harder for it. Check out CIT Bank for a high yield savings account that provides attractive interest rates. Just getting a new bank account can yield some quick extra cash for little work at all. M1 Finance: My personal favorite to invest money option exercise how it goes auto-pilot.

It's completely free to use, it will automatically contribute your investment into allocated pies.

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No strings attached. You'll even get a free share of stock when you join. Get Free Stock Now Personal Capital: Track your net worth and retirement accounts for free to ensure proper diversification.

I love tracking my accounts with Personal Capital. Join Personal Capital for Free Another way to potentially generate income for yourself without doing much of anything is by investing your money.

Investing requires some know-how, though, and in some cases, professional guidance and education on what your money can and cannot do for you in the market. When you invest, you are gambling with your funds to a certain extent. Depending on how much risk an investment holds, your hard-earned money could plummet to nothing in a short period of time.

On the flip side of the coin, however, taking on risk through investing can lead to substantial returns over time, without you lifting a finger.

Now, investing comes in all sorts of flavors, and not every strategy is the best-fit for every individual. In all reality, educating yourself on investment options is your first course of action.

Check out real estate crowdfunding as a way to earn more money online. The best option for real estate crowdfunding to consider is Fundrise.

1. Get cash back on credit cards.

Peer-to-Peer Lending An interesting addition to the world of passive income comes by way of the world wide web. In recent years, online lenders have created some disruption in the financial industry, offering streamlined, sometimes lower-cost loans to individuals and small businesses in a third of the time it takes traditional banks.

Peer-to-peer lending connects prospective borrowers with a marketplace of lenders who can either be institutions or individuals.

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When a borrower fills out a loan application through a P2P lending platformhow to make money with nothing information including loan amount, loan term, credit score, and income are compiled and farmed out to investors on the site. Investors then have the opportunity to fund the loan if they feel like the borrower is a solid investment. In exchange for funding the loan, investors take part in the interest generated from the loan repayment.

This can create passive income embedded option bonds those who want to invest in a different but potentially lucrative way. There are risks involved in P2P lending as an investor, however. The borrower could default on their loan, meaning interest payments stop.

Although many peer-to-peer lending platforms shy away from high-risk borrowers, the chance of losing out on an initial investment remains.

Sell Your Stuff An easy and usually quick way to get some cash is to unload some unwanted items. Think of household goods, artwork, clothing, or furniture that no longer serves a purpose for you that may do so for someone else.

How to make money with nothing, the days of garage sales and posting flyers around the neighborhood are long gone. Countless apps allow you to easily post pictures and prices of items that need to go and connect with people from near and far willing to pay to take it off your hands. There are also online marketplacesthrough social media and other outlets, that afford the same opportunities to make quick cash.

How to Make Money Doing Nothing at All (25+ Real Ways)

Get Cash Back Cash back exists literally anywhere you look, from loyalty rewards programs at pharmacies and gas stations to credit card cash grabs. Consider what you spend money on frequently, such as groceries or gas, and either ask about or search online for a rewards program that aligns with those purchases.

You may be surprised what money you can generate simply by signing up for a rewards program. On the credit card front, cash back bonuses are the norm these days. Credit card companies are constantly looking to entice new cardmembers to join their ranks, and they do so by offering healthy cash back rewards on purchases alongside new cardmembers sign-up offers.

Be strategic about how to make money with nothing new credit cards by focusing on those that offer the most bang for the smallest amount of spend. This has a negative impact on your credit scoreeven if you plan to repay any accumulated balances relatively quickly.

Stack these cash back awards with cash back apps such option terms iBottaDosh and Drop. See Related: Rakuten Review 8. Monetize Your Web Presence For those who have an online presence, whether that be a YouTube channel, a blog, or another content-producing website, monetizing that may be a smart way to create more income without putting in years of work.

First and foremost, any content produced for an online audience needs to be of quality, and it needs to have some semblance of purpose.

Not every websiteblog, or video will create income, so consider these tenets before monetizing. Generating money from an online presence can come in many different forms. Affiliate marketing with other companies that are aligned with the content you produce is one way; offering advertising on the site to other online businesses is another. You can get started with affiliate marketing quickly through an affiliate network such as FlexOffers.

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Read more about the network in this FlexOffers review. Play Video Games Thanks, again, to the world wide web, doing something you thoroughly enjoy can lead to a make money online today income stream.

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Playing video games and streaming that experience online may generate cash in your hand. Getting on a platform like Twitch creates several income outlets, including racking up subscribers who pay each month, allowing advertising on a channel, and sponsorship opportunities. Alternatively, you can download the app Mistplay that will pay you simply for playing games on your phone.

Read more about the platform in this Mistplay review. Want other ideas on how to make money with games? Here are some awesome ways to get paid to play games. Rent Out Your Space No matter where you live, renting out your space can be a great way to generate some additional cash.

Subletting your house or apartment for a period of time while you go on vacation, travel out of town for work, or stay with someone else may not be as profitable as some of the other methods mentioned above. However, it can help add some money to the pot if you charge more than you are required to pay for your space each month. How to make money with nothing can do this through a longer-term sublet agreement with a qualified renter, or through short-term rentals like Airbnb.

If you live in a metropolitan area or a busy vacation spot, consider the times of the year where subletting or short-term rentals will bring in the biggest return.

There are plenty of pros and cons of Airbnb that you need to evaluate before getting started as a host.

How to Make Money from Doing Nothing and Earn Passive Income

Although you may need to do some work up-front in terms of showcasing your space and posting it to online marketplaces, it could be worth the minimal effort in the long run. Overall, several outlets exist for creating more cash flow on a monthly basis or generating a fast influx of cash as a one-time boost. Passive income streams and cash grabs through the strategies mentioned do not fall out of the sky, however.

Make Money Online For FREE Doing NOTHING!

There is always some level of effort involved, even if that is as minimal as signing up for a rewards program or posting your unwanted winter clothes online. Think about what amount of time and money you want to exert to create one-time or ongoing increases to your bottom line, and pick your money-producing activity from there. Here are some other things to rent out for profit.