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Displays the daily trade blotter.

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Trades can be edited, deleted, or reopened in this tab. Shells Displays all trades that can have multiple pieces bitcoin robot collateral allocated to them before being completed, including deliverable money-fill repos and reverses, par-fill repos and reverses, tri-party, GCF, and internal swing trades. Automation of the EasyPool functions with intuitive, easy-to-use screens makes it extremely easy and flexible to turn pool allocations around, reducing fails dramatically as well as reducing the staff workload and stress levels at cutoff time.

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Your choice of allocation methods - from fully automated to easy drag-and-drop functionality to total end-user control via intuitive screens. Flexible options for doing TBA allocations provide users complete control all the way down to the pool level. Powerful binding functionality allows fast, efficient turnaround of pools when it counts.

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The Binding screen allows users to create simple 1-to-1 binds, complex many-to-many binds and anything in between. The screen presents the information necessary for users to optimize inventory turnaround. Complete, transparent messaging displays make it possible for users to easily research EPN messages and catch errors. EPN messaging screens give users an easily accessible, consolidated view of EPN messages received and delivered for each TBA; enabling users to confirm delivery and receipt of counterparty messages through EPN.

Real-time, bilateral messaging with the back office keeps your books and records updated in real-time. Other features include automatic Alarms to helix group trading users of exceptions that need attention, DKs sent effortlessly when required, and factor feeds which ensure that the correct current face is always used.

A user can place full or partial holds on any pool and use tools to see what the start of day position was and what TBAs helix group trading currently holding this pool.

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Research tools for TBA history or messaging are accessed directly from here. We offer a suite of modularized, web based, applications built to support the daily activities of domestic and international Stock Loan and Repo desks.

Each of our modules can function together as a robust integrated whole or be deployed independently for firms with more unique needs. Update and maintain your book with real-time connectivity to Loanet.

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Monitor credit overages and alerts, take care of them immediately! Provide more in-house visibility, specifically for: Lending Opportunities- Easier to identify hard to borrow stocks which can be distributed via push lists to other counterparties, directly increasing your revenue opportunities. Borrow Requirements- Easier to identify current needs.

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Improve current helix group trading by eliminating the need for outside operational groups Make supporting internal or external audits a breeze by having all of your securities lending information in one helix group trading, with easy access to all your data. Identify securities lending costs and provide a process to charge these costs back to customers, reducing your costs and increasing profits!

All Helix products and modules sit on top of the same technical architecture so we are able to easily, and in real-time, aggregate specific, shared data points across all your business lines, such as Equity Stock Loan and Fixed Income Repo.

Regardless of the size of your business and selection of modules, we are always providing big picture reporting regarding firm funding, collateral pool, market and credit risk, and profit and loss. Update and maintain your book with real-time MQ connectivity to Loanet.

Monitor credit overages and a lerts, take care of them immediately! Increase Income! Reduce Cost!

Terms and Conditions Privacy Policy Risk Disclosures Market prices, data and other information available through Streak are not warranted as to completeness or accuracy and are subject to change without notice. System response and account access times may vary due to a variety of factors, including trading volumes, market conditions, system performance, and other factors. A more complete description of the impact these factors may have can be found in our risk disclosure. All investments involve risk and the past performance of a security, or Streak is not a financial product and does not guarantee future results or returns. Streak is a technology platform where you can associate your various accounts to send orders to.

Decrement all locates given off of in-house excess or street inventory. Also tied into current fail data to prevent delivery issues. Manage client parameters for answering locates automatically. Tie into exchange threshold lists to ensure Reg SHO compliance.

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All locates are stored in one central location. Easier for researching! Load inventory from ftp servers or emails automatically.

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Cash Sourcing — Collateral Pledge Manage all of your financing needs in one place View financing requirements created by stock loan and house transactions. Know your requirement and how your sec lending trading affects it real-time intraday.

Not Sure Which Systems to Trade? - We can help.

Control your cost! Know exactly how much you are dPEpledging and what is available in-house to pledge using our box management screen. International Trading Full securities lending platform with front-end to back-office functionality. STP processing to Euroclear, Crest, local markets, or special solution.

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Full accounting billingcontract compare, and contract maintenance modules. Know when your contract settles in DTCC without having to switch between applications. Compliance Monitor and search for daily compliance exceptions for locates and trade data.

He tries to invest in good souls. By a. The news that precipitated the drop was actually spread across two days. So what Helix Energy Solutions is muddling through a difficult period in the energy sector, noting that oil prices actually fell below zero at one point earlier in the year.

Rebate Billing Identify securities lending costs and charge back to customers, reduce cost and improve income! Management Dashboard Manage all of your modules from this dashboard. Allows you view data and exceptions from all modules.

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With our sophisticated Graphical User Interface GUIyour users have the automated tools they need to pairoff and partially pairoff, roll back, split, cancel and correct, submit, re-submit, view, sort, categorize, and manage all trades.

Our expertise covers the complete fixed income trading process, including: Front-office trading systems Middleware and trade maintenance including cost of carry, substitutions, margin calls and fail reporting Risk management Back-office clearing and settlement systems In addition, our development team has managed implementations in a variety of environments.

We have created real-time integration tools for use with industry-standard applications such as ADP and Phase3, as well as developing links between proprietary front and back-office tools.