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I will teach you how to make good money, 2. Use your credit cards the right way

Anyone can become rich. What you need to do is to define what being rich means to you.

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You must start today. Then you must set up an automated money system and start to invest feeling. We will go through all of what I just mentioned and best of all after the first set up, you will be spending no more than 90 minutes on your personal finances per month.

I will teach you how to make good money

Takeaway 1: What does rich mean to you? First and foremost, you must decide what being rich means to you and become a conscious spender who prioritizes.

Book Summary: I Will Teach You to Be Rich by Ramit Sethi

Oh, I see that the Joneses just bought a new Volvo. That Armani suit that James had at work today was pretty sweet.

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  3. Instead, it's geared toward regular people who know they need to get their money in order, but don't really know how or where to start.
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I definitely need one of those. It can be a full-time job in itself. Sure you may be able to pick that house.

I will teach you how to make good money

Do you think that she has control over her personal finances and she is on a path towards an early retirement? She is! Because she shares an apartment with a friend and because she uses public transport, she can easily afford to spend lavish sums on what she loves, which is designer shoes and still be on her way towards financial success.

Starting early. Sure, the best time to start was probably ten years ago for most of us, but you know what the second-best time is?

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  • Instead, it might seem easier to accept whatever offer a job has made, but Ramit Sethi, author of New York Times bestselling finance book I Will Teach You to Be Rich, is here to remind us that salaries often come with a bit of wiggle room and that negotiation is something we should aim for.

How can I be sure that this is the account with the highest interest rate? This is just an excuse not to get started. More is lost from indecision than from mediocre decisions. Ramit Sethi teaches something. He says that he would much rather get it 85 percent right than do nothing at all.

Why bother setting up an account that will generate just a few dollars per year?

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In fact, the perfect time to start is now because the stakes are low. Takeaway 3: Swap your attention from micro to macro Have you ever heard this before?

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Save on three dollar lattes, get a temporary 0. Clip coupons. This is not where the battle is won. This is like the pro environmentalist who keeps harassing you about cooking your food with a lid on.

But who flies transatlantic at least four times per year. We should focus our energy on five to ten things that really matter that will yield exceptional results and good return on invested energy. Here are a few of those big wins: Automate your money system. More on this soon.

I will teach you how to make good money

Keep a great credit score Use credit cards to get free cash backs and rewards Contribute money towards a k to get I will teach you how to make good money least the full employer match Pay off your credit card debt Cancel your subscriptions and instead buy monthly.

If you want to watch a specific series on Netflix, remove binary options instance, you can pay the subscription for 30 days and then instantly cancel. Focus on cutting your costs in a few problem areas. Negotiate a raise Do freelance work Buy a house that you can afford Buy a car that you can afford and focus on the total cost of ownership rather than the price tag Allocate your capital right; more on this in the final take away Feel free to use this as a checklist.

Takeaway 4: Set up your automatic money system We, humans, are weak at times. We get distracted, bored, unmotivated, etc. In two weeks, we will be back to watching cat videos and Netflix again. Therefore we must set up an automatic money system that can save us from our worst selves.

I will teach you how to make good money

This system will make sure that we stick to our long-term money plan by allocating our income each month. For us creating an automated money system is a way of doing some work right now to reap a lot of benefits for years and years to come.

Think of it kind of like a distribution center. Its main purpose is to feed your other accounts appropriate amounts by using automatic transfers and to pay off all your bills.