Defining a Menu in XML

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    Versions 21 and later This feature is now available in Universal Windows 10 App mode. New in version 21 This feature is now available in Universal Windows 10 App mode. This feature is now available in Universal Windows 10 App mode. Tips and tricks Replacing the caption of a menu option by the control content All you have to do is: retrieve the control content. Caption or with MenuLabel.

    Download Set Menu Type RokNavMenu provides a feature rich platform for extending the menu, allowing for overrides and plugins for the menu itself, in addition to versatile theming capabilities and so much more.

    RokNavMenu is the core of the powerful menu system.

    Please ensure you are using the latest version of RokNavMenu, available here. It offers advanced structural features such as multiple columns, inline icons and text, inline modules menu option positions, custom column widths, item distribution and menu offset.

    All of these are configurable for each menu item.

    See also: Human—computer interaction A user chooses an option from a menu by using an input device. Some input methods require linear navigation: the user must move a cursor or otherwise pass from one menu item to another until reaching the selection. On a computer terminala reverse video bar may serve as the cursor.

    SplitMenu A static menu system that menu option 1st level items in the main horizontal menu and further children in the Sidebar. Responsive Mode: Smartphone For mobile devices, there are two options, a dropdown panel menu with items in a tree format or a select box using the browsers own UI elements. Choose a format in the template's menu settings.

    The mobile menu is active for both the Dropdown Menu and SplitMenu.

    menu option

    There is separate styling for this, making it useful for adding snippets to menu items. The menu icon can be displayed both for the parent items and the child items.

    menu option

    Multi-Columns Who needs a single dropdown column when you can have as many as you want? Using the built-in configurable parameters, you can make up to four incredible multi column dropdowns.

    menu option