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The collective's founder, Taz Taylor, speaks proudly internet money their track record of plucking artists from relative obscurity and putting in the time to develop them into stars who put up ungodly streaming numbers. The lead single, "Lemonade," dropped today.

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  • The group boasts somesubscribers on YouTube and millions of hits online.
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We hopped on the phone with Taz Taylor and Nick Mira for a internet money about how the album came together, where the music industry is heading, the current state of the "type" beat game, Juice WRLD's legacy, and more. Continue for a first look at the album's tracklist and cover artwork, followed by the interview.

Ty Fontaine The Hxliday Lil Tecca The Kid Laroi Lil Spirit Kevin Gates Taz Taylor: It's a collective of producers and artists. We were the ones who kind of built their sounds and gave everybody their first hit records, then developed them throughout their careers.

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When you started Internet Money, what did you bring to the industry that was missing? Taz Taylor: Overall, we just brought more development. There are a lot of artists who are getting signed, but labels don't necessarily care about them.

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We take artists and build them up from nothing. We don't care how many followers they have, what they look like, or whatever.

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We're turning out all these different types of artists in different genres. Same with Trevor Daniel. I think it's a real '90s way of doing it. Like, Dre and everybody used to be really be hands-on with music, and develop artists, and just craft records.

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I think we're bringing that back. How has Internet Money evolved and changed since you started it? Taz Taylor: When we first started it, we didn't even care about the music industry in general.

We never cared about what placements we were getting or anything like that. We got to the top of the beat-making game online, and it's like, "Well, we've got to go up from here, so what are we going to do?

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It was just one after another. We can't go a month now without having some crazy shit happen.

Internet Money Records’s tracks

We're working with the artists we've always wanted to work internet money. Taz Taylor: We internet money our deal with 10K Projects in like August or September of last year, but we had already been talking about an album for a minute.

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I brought it up to Elliot [Grainge] that I wanted to drop songs as an artist under Internet Money—just my favorite artists working together and putting songs together, like some DJ Khaled type shit. He was very internet money of it. He's like, "I love it. I think it's great. Then we put it out with the video and everything. It went on Billboard for the first three weeks. It's gold now.

Listen to Internet Money's album 'B4 The Storm' below:

It's about to be platinum. That started the conversation for an album. Everybody was just like, "All right, cool.

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What's next? But some shit happened on the business side where we couldn't release that for a while. It's called "Blastoff. Then the Juice thing happened, which put everything on hold for a while.

Every time we started ramping up and getting ready to do an album, something would happen that would just throw it completely off course.

Top Tracks

I was just like, "You know what? Fuck this. I'm going to do an album. So we did the whole album in a month, top to bottom: features, big artists, beats, everything.

September 25, We chat with Internet Money as they debut their first album as a collective, bringing together some new and familiar faces to showcase their dynamism. Rather than take it lying down, Taz decided to bring together a hub of emerging producers from the internet, creating a space where they could share their knowledge of the industry with like-minded creatives, as well as a space for equal opportunities. Although they have already been making waves individually for a few years, the title perhaps foreshadows the ruckus they are yet to create with their first album as a collective.

We mixed and mastered the whole album at least 50 different times. What was the process like actually collecting and recording all these songs? Taz Taylor: The crazy thing that people are going to find out about this album is, a lot of these songs are throwaway songs that artists didn't want. They're songs I'm hearing and I'm like, "Yo, this is fucking crazy.

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Why don't you put this out? We take the Pro Tools session, and we take the AutoTune off the vocals. We change everything.

We'll change the key. We'll change tempos.

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We'll change whatever. Then we'll just make a whole new record. That's how a lot of the album was made. That's how we were able to get it done so quickly, in a month.