These were the highest paid YouTubers of 2020, according to Forbes estimates

Who makes the biggest money. AAPL, MSFT, and IDCBY lead the 10 most profitable companies list

By Matthew Johnston Updated Sep 9, The list of the world's most profitable companies offers a glimpse of which countries wield the most economic power and the sectors with the most economic influence.

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The world's largest two economies by far, the U. Equally important, half of the corporations on the list are technology companies and the other half are financial companies.

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Only companies listed on U. It would have been among the world's 10 most profitable companies, and would have even topped the list in previous years. Notably, four of the five tech firms on the list are U. The technology sector is comprised of companies that manufacture computers and electronics, develop software, and provide services relating to information technology, such as cloud computing and e-commerce. Four out of the five financial companies on the list are based in China, most of them receiving major financial support from China's central government.

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The financial sector is comprised of banks, investment companies, insurance companies, and real estate firms. These companies offer a range of financial services, including deposits, loans, investment and wealth management, insurance, and brokerage services. Some companies outside the U. Data is courtesy of YCharts. Trading OTC stocks often carries higher trading costs than trading stocks on exchanges. This can lower or even outweigh potential returns.

10 Most Profitable Companies in the World

The company also sells a range of related software, services, accessories, networking solutions, music and video streaming, as well as third-party digital content and applications. Apple is best known for its series of iPhones, iPads, and Mac personal computers. The company's products include operating systems, server applications, business applications, software development tools, video games, and more.

The company also manufactures personal computers, tablets, gaming and entertainment consoles, phones, other intelligent devices, and related accessories.

Share to Linkedin Anastasia Radzinskaya is an unlikely media star. Born in southern Russia with cerebral palsy, her doctors feared she would never be able to speak. To document her development through treatments, her parents posted videos of her on YouTube so friends and relatives could see the progress.

Microsoft also offers cloud-based solutions, its fastest-growing business, through its Azure cloud-computing platform.

Those services include corporate and personal loans, trade financing, deposit-taking, corporate and personal wealth management, and custodial services. The company also engages in investment activities for its own account or on behalf of customers, including money market transactions, investment securities, foreign exchange transactions, and the holding of derivative positions.

The bank also engages in investment activities such as inter-bank money market transactions, investments in debt securities, equities, as well as trading of derivatives and foreign currency.

It engages in advertising, sale of digital content, applications, cloud computing services, and sale who makes the biggest money hardware products. Alphabet also offers smart-home products through Nest, online video gaming through Stadia, and is developing autonomous-driving technology through its Waymo project.

It offers financial products and services to individuals, corporations, government agencies, and financial institutions.

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The bank also engages in money market or repurchases transactions, debt instrument investments, and holding of derivative positions. The bank is involved in a broad range of businesses such as corporate lending, investment banking, market-making, prime brokerage, and treasury and securities products and services to corporations, investors, financial institutions, and government and municipal entities.

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It also offers consumer banking and asset management services. It conducts various types of e-commerce businesses through its Chinese subsidiaries and variable interest entities VIEs.

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Its primary source of revenue is from its giant digital marketplace connecting consumers and merchants, which allows them to buy and sell from each other. Its businesses consist of core commerce, cloud computing, mobile media and entertainment, and other innovation initiatives.

These were the highest paid YouTubers of 2020, according to Forbes estimates

Its services include savings, deposits, lending, mortgages, credit and debit cards, trade-related products, and credit facilities. The bank also offers insurance, underwriting, stock brokerage, investment research, and asset management services. Its main products include microprocessors, chipsets, embedded processors, flash memory, graphic, network and communication, systems management software, digital imaging products, and more.

The company's clients include original equipment manufacturers, original design manufacturers, who makes the biggest money and communications service providers, as well as industrial, communications, and automotive equipment manufacturers.

The Highest-Paid YouTube Stars of The Kids Are Killing It

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