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Demetrovics J.

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Number of Candidate Keys. Discovery and Ranking of Embedded Uniqueness Constraints. On independence atoms and keys. Normal forms and normalization for probabilistic databases under sharp constraints. Applications system for binary options eness matrx combinatorial designs in computer science.

On the equivalence of candidate keys with Sperner systems.

system for binary options eness matrx

Old Keys that Open New Doors. Complexity of dependencies in bounded domains, Armstrong Codes, and generalizations. Some remarks on relational database schemes having few minimal keys. Design by example for SQL table definitions with functional dependencies. Armstrong databases and reasoning for functional dependencies and cardinality constraints over partial bags. Candidate Keys And Antichains. Extremal theorems for databases.

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Minimum matrix representation of some key system. Minimum matrix representation of Sperner systems. Almost all prime element algebras with transitive automorphism group are functionally complete.

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Clones in universal algebra. On the free spectra of maximal clones. The probability of triviality. Specification Meta-systems. Algebra, Combinatorics and Logic in Computer Scinece.

system for binary options eness matrx

Constraint acquisition for Entity-Relationship models. On the existence of Armstrong instances with bounded domains. Constraint acquisition you can Chase but you cannot find. Codes that attain minimum distance in every possible direction.

system for binary options eness matrx

SPT q, k, n -Codes. Some contributions to the minimum representation problem of key systems. A survey of some combinatorial results concerning functional dependencies in database relations. Combinatorial and Algebraic Results for Database Relations. Near unanimity functions of partial orderings. Invitation to clone theory with partial clones and hyperclones. First-order definable retraction problems for posets and reflexive graphs.

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On Monotone Clones of Strings. Solving order constraints in logarithmic space. Algebraic properties and dismantlability of finite posets.

Posets, near unanimity functions and zigzags. Monotone clones and the varieties they determine.

system for binary options eness matrx

A maximal clone of monotone operations which is not finitely generated. Ideals and the binary discriminator in universal algebra. A survey of some open problems on pn-sequences and free spectra of algebras and varieties.

Selfdual classes and automorphism groups. On the structure of Armstrong relation for generalized positive Boolean dependencies. The lattice of all clones of self-dual functions in three-valued logic. The lattice of the clones of self-dual functions in three-valued logic.

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Maximal clones in monoidal intervals. On the free spectra of self-dual clones. Monotone clones and congruence modularity.

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Some combinatorial characteristics of closure operations. Old keys that open new doors. On cyclic orthogonal double covers of circulant graphs by special infinite graphs. Partitions With Certain Intersection Properties. Partitions Mechel options certain intersection properties. Orthogonal double covers of complete graphs by certain spanning subgraphs.