How Britain can help you get away with stealing millions

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How Britain can help you get away with stealing millions Here's some of my favorites from among the stuff you voted to the top. Prepare to have your mind blown like Zeus birthing Athena. Instantaneous electronic communication has made the whole world the size of an iPhone.

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Electronic media has the effect of making the ordinary individual gigantic. Post literacy has created a society that does not have time to read.

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When knowledge is everywhere and instantaneous it becomes impossible to effectively absorb. Television is a mythic and myth making medium. Everything that is flashed on the screen creates a self luminous two dimensional avatar of a physically real object removed from time and space. Once television melded itself onto the realm of leisure sports the televisual tribe was born. The realm of sports has made a neo tribal structure based on the digital geography of the time slot and not ethnicity.

Welles Wilder as an indicator of trend strength in a series of prices of a financial instrument. Average directional movement index 4 Interpretation The ADX does not indicate trend direction, only trend strength. It is a lagging indicator; that is, a trend must have established itself before the ADX will generate a signal that a trend is under way. ADX will range between 0 and Generally, ADX readings below 20 indicate trend weakness, and readings above 40 indicate trend strength.

The sports team itself does not unify the individuals who follow the team. No, it is the ritual battle of the televised avatars that creates the tribal ties.

Now every individual is imitating the metamorphosis made by Elvis indicator of binary options var mov avg3 man to a two dimensional electronic media avatar. This is the age of personal mythology. The persona or mask has replaced the individual in the form of the electric two dimensional avatar. People live through their facebook avatar and no longer live their lives.

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It is the individual trying to form their own personal myth in a world without the traditional unifying sign regime of Christian iconography. The personal myth fills the void left by the death of god.

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Oxytocin is a peptide hormone produced in the hypothalamus, deep in our limbic system near the brainstem. It is stored in - and released from - our pituitary gland, AKA the "master" gland. Oxytocin has a half-life of about 3 minutes in the blood, so its effects are very short-lasting, but it initiates a cascade of positive hormonal events that reinforce overall health and pro-social behavior.

Its release is especially affinitive to touch: a hug, a handshake, even a Duchenne smile can evoke it It's also intimately involved in father-child bonding, lactation, wound healing, sexual arousal, and orgasm when again, its release is copious. Oxytocin release reduces fear and anxiety, quelling the amygdalae crucial dangealert neurostructures and suppressing the stress hormone cortisol.

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It evokes contentment, enabling feelings of calmness and security by inhibiting overactive brain regions associated with behavioural control. Deprived of it, we are scattered, timid, and paranoid: shut inside ourselves. Trust is increased by oxytocin: it affects social distance and friendship, and plays an essential role in romantic attraction and subsequent monogamous pair-bonding.

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We find receptors for it in the heart, and in the vomeronasal organ, which is directly wired to both the hypothalamus and the amygdalae. Thus we detect it pheromonally, and when bonding in person, this facilitates mutual positive feedback.

The Western cultural mindset has its feet rooted in the bedrock of Ice Age Europe.

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Its ethos of openness, cooperation, stoicism, and personal sacrifice towards the future of the community was an adaptation to the harsh environment. It made sense to help strangers and contribute. Cultural Marxism exploits this deep-rooted template. It operates chiefly through the manipulation of language and managing mass-perception, and its most effective adherents are indeed uniquely talented in their capacity for the generation of new terms and symbols and the redefinition and recontextualization of old ones, often flipping them into new indicator of binary options var mov avg3 exactly opposite from original.

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This is something Orwell foresaw with great prescience. The thinking style it engenders has gained dominance over the channels through which information and opinion are disseminated, principally academia and media, and is now being standardized as the "official" cultural framework of business.

Men do not cry less easily because they prevent themselves from doing so. Male tear ducts are shaped differently making it more difficult to cry and the tear wells are deeper meaning men can "tear up" without shedding tears - women cannot.

How Britain can help you get away with stealing millions ...

Men have fewer chemicals that allow for the shedding of tears than women, and more testosterone, which hinders tear production. In this way, the center is abolished, and only extremism is allowed to exist.

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This polarizes the culture which makes it easier to control. When everyone is pushed to extremes by this mechanism, society becomes this dichotomy that is easy to control. If everyone is forced in to one of two categories by the mechanisms of public shame, with no grey area allowed in between, then the owners of our country can predict easily what the two sides will do.

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It makes the two sides have more power than the middle just by sheer population, which means conflict is inevitable between the two sides, and thus the country. She's being primed for as controlled opposition to perpetuate the illusion of duality. The following are a series of observations from my recent post on conspiracy.

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I'm keen to be challenged so please don't be shy. Chief among these groups is the Council on Foreign Relations CFRthe most visible manifestation of what some have called the American establishment.

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Members of the council have dominated the administrations of every president since Franklin D. Roosevelt, at the cabinet and sub-cabinet level. It does not matter whether the president is a Democrat or Republican. Effective way to close a prospect is by pitching a the extreme choice as an anchor, so when you offer the moderate option the one you always wanted to offer the disparity makes compliance easier.

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They've been controlling the political dialogue since their inception, with a revolving door straight into the White House. You suggest I may be hasty in indicting her as controlled opposition before she's done anything- I disagree.

I'm being prudent, in delaying my endorsement until the concerns I have are addressed.