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And the loses would have been greater had I not gotten out of his most recent trades. He portrays himself as a professional trader. Traders who do this to peoples hard earned money are not prosfessional and should not be in business.

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Stay away from this service at all cost. Traders worth their salt never do this…never. And the problem is simple: He is not defining risk.

There is no time lag between intending and doing.

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Winners anticipate making money, but assume that they will be wrong. Bottom line…. My only motivation in taking the time to comment on this site is to shed some light on Mendes lack of professionalism, and possibly save some other fool some of their money.

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Take heed folks. If Mendes was legit he would not need your monthly subscription fee. Rating of trading options would be placing his own money at risk and not yours.

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He can lose all your money, if you like. It means nothing to him. He has nothing at risk and you have his ridiculous excuses for huge loses. This review is the subjective opinion of an Investimonials member and not of Investimonials LLC 2 of 2 people have found this review helpful.