Rapid Finance Loans & Cash Advances: Review & Info

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For some of its products, Rapid may instead quote a monthly interest rate 1. The rate offered to you will depend on the assessments Rapid makes of your business, including your credit rating. These are still short-term loans, but you may see some variation in rates, borrowing amounts, and term lengths.

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A merchant cash advance has many of the same components as a short-term loan. The difference?

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The result looks a lot like a short-term loan, but it skirts many of the regulations that govern loans. That makes them both easier to qualify for and, usually, more expensive. Application Process Rating: Good As a short-term lender, Rapid prides itself on getting you through the application and approval process quickly.

To begin the process, you can either call Rapid or fill out a short application form online.

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These include: The last three statements from a business bank account A voided check from a business checking account Personal identification You may be asked for additional documents, depending on the product. Rapid Finance will do a hard pull on the credit of qualifying applicants.

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Approval can come within 24 hours, with funding available in as soon as three days. Still, it can give you a decent, zoomed-out view of what the company offers.

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Unlike many similar funders, Rapid actually has a pretty large customer review footprint. There are four customer complaints on record.

Product details

User reviews on Trustpilot are also overwhelmingly positive; the company has a 4. Final Verdict Rapid Finance offers fast money to high-risk businesses. While that does mean higher rates and shorter terms, Rapid Finance is among the better lenders in its niche.

Are you looking for the best rates?

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