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    How do I use the Option Template feature? In a previous articlewe discussed adding options to individual products. However, in some cases you may have a wide range of similar items that all share the same basic options.

    This PowerPoint template is a business presentations tool for users to demonstrate wide range of topics. It contains multi option bullet list, comparison charts, segment diagram and much more.

    The amazing free PowerPoint of multi option theme is flat design template of infographics, silhouette and clip art shapes. These shapes are high resolution vector images.

    templates for options

    Therefore, customizing these PowerPoint shapes does not affect the image resolution quality. Hence, users can increase or decrease the size of template objects such as, icons, silhouette and clip art shapes etc.

    templates for options

    Further, this presentation of multi option themes are segmented process diagram for business strategy development. For instance, the horizontal chevron 3 segment template for discussing templates for options key components of a process.

    The free template lets users of every industry to choose their desire diagram design for upcoming presentations.

    templates for options

    Such as, business professionals or managers can select a design to demonstrate the product or service features or process steps. Similarly, the students can explain easy to remember bullet list point for complex subject matters.

    templates for options

    Moreover, the three and four segment PowerPoint template enables presenters to graphically present workflow sequence. The free slides of multi option template has colorful PowerPoint slides to highlight the specific elements of diagram.

    templates for options

    Apart from horizontal and vertical segments to present the sections of one main topic. The PowerPoint also has step diagrams theme i.

    templates for options

    Additionally, the free template has silhouette clipart of male and female human shape with three text placeholders on both sides. This can help to compare the capabilities and performance based on gender. Similarly, the free slide of car silhouette to illustrate vehicle types and purposes.

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