“Consecutive Candle Count” and Forex Trading

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    An opposite candle is bound to appear after a number of same color consecutive candlesticks. To illustrate this further; if there are 6 consecutive bullish candlesticks, there is a high probability that the7th candlestick will be bearish.

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    This probability increases as we see a higher number of same color consecutive candlesticks; for instance, there is even a higher probability of a bearish candle after 10 consecutive bullish candlesticks. Simply, place an opposite trade once your set number of consecutive candles is reached. Again; the higher the number of consecutive candles you choose, the higher the win rate but fewer signals.

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    This is preferably done on higher timeframes. When a signal appears, take a reversal trade lasting the entire next candle or use your preferred takeprofit and stoploss levels.

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    Below is an example trade using the daily timeframe and a consecutive candle count of 6 i.