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A Little Background

How many visitors, subscribers, comments, tweets and Facebook fans do you need to achieve your goals for your website? I know we all have different specific goals, but many of us share at least one thing in common. We aspire whether secretly or openly to earn a respectable living from our websites and blogs.

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I get questions from readers on a regular basis about how much time and effort and how many visitors are needed to start earning a living. Different Approaches for Earning a Living from Your Website Approach 1: build a site so massive you can attract advertisers.

When people first start thinking about earning a living online, advertising is usually the revenue source that comes to mind first.

But here is the reality of online advertising. And even when you have that massive traffic, the payout is probably much lower than you can earn through other revenue models.

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Sure, but it will take significant effort, and. Google Adsense and some other advertising networks will work with smaller sites, but the CPM rates tend to be lower. Approach 2: forget about advertisers and maximize your value per visitor. The three other most common revenue models online are: selling products, selling services and affiliate marketing.

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Essentially, affiliate marketing is when another business pays you a commission for referring customers. Are you with me traffc rder how to make money Sorry for all the calculations, but this is the type of thing zero premium option want to think about when planning a revenue model.

If each visitor views 2 pages on your site on average, we need to further divide by 2 for comparison CPM is measured in terms of page views, not visitors. These are simple back-of-the envelope calculations, and your actual results could be better or worse.

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  • In the payment per click method, a company will advertise their service or product on the website, and they pay the website operator for the clicks that customers make on their advertisement.
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A More Realistic Example In reality, your revenue model will probably be more sophisticated than offering one single affiliate product to your audience. Instead, you might mix a combination of affiliate marketing, selling your own products and offering some services.

You could even mix in some advertising if it makes sense.

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In that case, you should be able to improve further on our affiliate marketing example by a significant margin. Mix in some products and affiliate offers and that number could be higher.

How To Track Traffic

Targeting is Key The big wildcard in all of this is how interested your visitors are in what your site offers. This is known as targeting.

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  2. It all starts with generating traffic.

Essentially, the more interest a visitor has in your topic, the more likely they will be to purchase something from you or perform other actions you want them to. You may have seen the effects of targeting in your own promotions already.

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An easy way to see this in action is with guest posting on other blogs. Got all that? To really maximize the revenue you earn per visitor, you first have to maximize the value you provide to them through your content, products and services.

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I hope this discussion helps put some bounds around just how big your site will need to be to earn a living from it. If any of you have different experiences, please share with us in the comments. More popular blogging articles:.

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