Glossary of Economics and Personal Finance Terms

Economic term option

A policy designed to reduce environmental damages. See also: abatement.

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See also: abatement policy. See also: comparative advantage. An example is the problem of asymmetric information in insurance: if the price is sufficiently high, the only people who will seek to purchase medical insurance are people who know they are ill but the insurer does not.

This will lead to further price increases to cover costs.

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See also: incomplete contractmoral economic term optionasymmetric information. It is the total amount of demand for or expenditure on goods and services produced in the economy. See also: consumptioninvestmentgovernment spendingexportsimports. Also known as: competition policy. Traders engaging in arbitrage take advantage of the price difference for the same good between two countries or regions.

As long as the trade costs are lower than the price gap, they make a profit. See also: price gap. Also known as: club good. See also: balance sheetliability. See also: adverse selectionmoral hazard. See also: paradox of thrift.

An example is the unemployment benefits system. This account records all payment transactions between the home country and the rest of the world, and is divided into two parts: the current account and the capital and financial account. Also known as: balance economic term option payments account. Also known as: high-powered money. Beveridge curve The inverse relationship between the unemployment rate and the job vacancy rate each expressed as a fraction of the labour force.

Named after the British economist of the same name. See also: biologically feasibile. Also known as: corporate bonds. Bretton Woods system An international monetary system strategies for turbo option fixed but adjustable exchange rates, established at the end of the Second World War.

It replaced the gold standard that was abandoned during the Great Economic term option. See also: bank money. The economy goes from boom to recession and back to boom. See also: short-run equilibrium. It combines a quantity-based limit on emissions, and a price-based approach that places a cost on environmentally damaging decisions.

See also: low capacity utilization. See also: labour-intensive. See also: labour productivity.

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The main economic institutions in a capitalist economic system, then, are private property, markets, and firms. Also known as: group inequality.

While a correlation is simply an assessment that two things have moved together, causation implies a mechanism accounting for the association, and is therefore a more restrictive concept. See also: natural experimentcorrelation. Usually part of the government.

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Commercial banks have accounts at this bank, holding base money. See also: tacit knowledge. If the borrower is not able to make the loan payments as promised, the lender becomes the owner of the asset.

The collapse in the value of the instruments of this type that were backed by subprime mortgage loans was a major factor in the financial crisis of — They include metals such as gold and silver, and agricultural products such as coffee and sugar, oil and gas. Sometimes more generally used to mean anything produced for sale. This means there is just one monetary policy for the group. Also known as: currency union. Also known as: common property resource.

See also: absolute advantage. Also known as: antitrust policy. See also: substitutes. See also: purchasing power parity. See also: increasing returns to scaledecreasing returns to scale. See also: constrained optimization problem.

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For example, in the multiplier model, the other variables are current disposable income and autonomous consumption. See also: disposable incomeautonomous consumption.

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Also known as: stated-preference model. Also known as: assurance game. A value of 1 or —1 indicates that knowing the value of one of the variables would allow you to perfectly predict the value of the other. A value of 0 indicates that knowing one of the variables provides no information about the value of the other.

See also: correlationcausality.

Introduction to economics

It can be positive or negative I will write an advisor for binary options is negative when high values of one variable are observed with low values of economic term option other.

It does not mean that there is a causal relationship between the variables. See also: causalitycorrelation coefficient. These would usually include the cost of acquiring and equipping new premises, research and development, the necessary patents, and the cost of finding and hiring staff.

In his view, the failure of unprofitable firms is creative because it releases labour and capital goods for use in new combinations. See also: credit-excluded.

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See also: credit-constrained. In studies of individual behaviour, incentives may have a crowding out effect on social preferences. A second use of the term is to refer to the effect of an increase in government spending in reducing private spending, as would be expected for example in an economy working at full capacity utilization, or when a fiscal expansion is associated with a rise in the interest rate.

See also: current account deficitcurrent account surplus.

The Economy

See also: current accountcurrent account surplus. See also: current accountcurrent account deficit.

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Also known as: demand-deficient unemployment. See also: equilibrium unemployment. Also known as: diseconomies of scale. See also: increasing returns to scale. See also: inflation.

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See also: supply shock. It uses the multiplier model. See also: supply side aggregate economy. See also: supply side. See also: accountabilitypolitical accountability. See also: collateralized debt obligation. See also: diffusion.