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Will the IDD call be charged if the called party is unreachable? A2 The call charges will only apply if the called party picks up the call.

If it keeps ringing and no one answers it, the call will not be charged. However, if the called party has diverted the number to some voice message systems in which an automatic recording is played, the call will be charged. A4 The charge includes the IDD rate of the designated country, plus the local or video calling airtime charges of your mobile services. IDD charges are calculated on a 6-second incremental basis.


Q5 What is roaming? A5 It's a service that allows you to contact the world when you are outside Hong Kong.

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As a SmarTone customer, when you turn on your how much is a normal smarton for trading phone in a foreign country with international roaming coverage, you will be able to receive incoming calls from anyone who dials your mobile number as usual. You can make outgoing calls to a local number in the roaming country. Q6 Will my mobile phone work in all countries?

A6 Not necessarily. If you're travelling to a more remote region those outside of GSM and 3G networksyou'll need to rent a satellite phone, make money runes will automatically connect to a satellite network.

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For details, please call us at for enquiry. No application or deposit is required.

You can purchase shares before the 28th of February in order to receive the dividend, which the company will pay on the 9th of April. Based on the last year's worth of payments, SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings has a trailing yield of 6. We love seeing companies pay a dividend, but it's also important to be sure that laying the golden eggs isn't going to kill our golden goose! We need to see whether the dividend is covered by earnings and if it's growing.

Simply input the following commands on your phone. The system will then return a call to your mobile phone to connect you to the telephone number in Hong Kong or other country.

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To call Hong Kong: To call to other countries: As some roaming networks may not support this service at the moment, you are recommended to call us before departure to check if you can use this service in your destination country.

Q8 What is Stealth Roaming service? A8 Stealth roaming service enables you to maintain the privacy and confidentiality of your whereabouts. When you roam in a country with a GSM network, you can present a Hong Kong style ringtone to all callers. Q9 What settings should I apply to my phone to ensure the roaming service is working properly? A9 Prior to your departure from Hong Kong, you should turn off your phone once and de-activate any call forwarding functions.

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When you arrive at your destination country, or return to Hong Kong, you should turn on your phone as soon as possible for network re-registration to avoid any unnecessary roaming charges. Q10 Why are the roaming calls that I made last month not yet charged on my statement of this month?

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A10 As the roaming call records are provided by respective roaming partners, the roaming charges may take one to two months before it is reflected on your statement. China roaming may require up to three months. Q11 What if I lose my mobile phone while I am roaming overseas? Simply call the designated hotline number by using a fixed line to reach a SmarTone customer service officer to process your lost phone.

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This hotline service also supports other customer enquiries when you are roaming overseas. It's free of charge. Q12 When I'm abroad, will callers in Hong Kong be able to leave message s in my voicemail box or with the secretarial service? A12 Yes, providing the roaming operator supports a voicemail service. If the roaming operator doesn't support a voicemail service and your mobile is out of coverage or engaged, or if you don't answer a call, the incoming call will be forwarded to a 'No answer' message by the roaming operator.

The caller will not be able to leave messages s in your voicemail box or with the secretarial service.

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Plus, they'll avoid incurring a charge for a two-way IDD call. Q13 How can I check voice mail messages while roaming? A14 You can receive SMS alerts provided that the roaming operator's network supports receiving short messages.

For the auto message delivery, as the alert itself is an incoming roaming call, you will need to pay for the IDD call charges. If you want to change the message alert mode of your voice mailbox, simply enter the voice mailbox system or when you have deleted or saved the last voice messagethen press to select 'Other Services' to process. This is free of charge and will be effective immediately.


Q15 How do I check my secretarial messages when I'm abroad? A15 Secretarial messages will be sent to your phone if the roaming operator supports the receipt of short messages.

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Q16 How to disable and enable roaming in China?