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CircaJeff Cooper compares a standard cardboard silhouette target next to his first camouflage option target in Arizona. But even Lt.

Jeff Cooper realized that this was limiting.

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Enter the Gunsite Option Target. These scoring zones are lightly outlined on the target, making them difficult to see beyond a few yards.

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The last evolution of the Gunsite target includes option target addition of a hand holding a clear, outlined revolver in the lower corner of the target. No matter how right you may be, facing the possibility of losing everything is incredibly stressful.

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This was a wise addition by Gunsite. The addition of a pattern on the target makes it difficult to find a precise aiming point and forces the shooter to focus on their sighting fundamentals throughout the process of taking a shot.

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It option target demands that the shooter be aware of where the sights are on the target rather than just cutting a bullseye in half. It makes consistency on the sights challenging.

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As mentioned earlier, the actual scoring zones are shaped to approximate the areas on the target that have the best chance of stopping a determined attacker. The lines are faint, which, in conjunction with the irregular pattern on the target, makes looking at the target an exercise in futility.

With iron sights, this forces the shooters focus back on to the front sight.

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With a red dot, it keeps the shooter looking at the entire zone rather than at a fixed point. Think upper chest.

Both of those adaptations are advantageous to a shooter who wants to get good at defensive shooting. I do not slight shooters who use bullseyes to hone their defensive skills. Like the Gunsite target, option targets also lend themselves well to being modified on the range.

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A student of the serious use of firearms should make sure that they are seeking training outside of a square range. That being said, the square range is still an important component of any training program and remains one of the best options for developing and maintaining fundamental firearms skills.

Making that training as efficient and challenging as possible is something that all shooters should strive for. Enjoy articles like this?

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