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When it encounters a statement in the process of executing, it waits until the statement is Maria options before issuing the global lock. If it encounters statements Maria options in the process of executing, it waits until they complete before setting the lock.

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When it --ftwrl-wait-timeout is not 0 and a statement has run for at least the amount of time given this argument, Mariabackup waits until the statement completes or until the --ftwrl-wait-timeout expires before setting the global lock and starting the backup. In MariaDB If it encounters statements still in the process of executing, it can be configured to wait until the statements complete before trying to acquire the global lock.

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If the --ftwrl-wait-timeout is set to 0, then Mariabackup tries to acquire the global lock immediately without waiting. This is the default value. If the --ftwrl-wait-timeout is set to a non-zero value, then Mariabackup waits for the configured number of seconds until trying to acquire the global lock.

Starting in MariaDB In earlier versions, it could wait for the global lock indefinitely, even if --ftwrl-wait-timeout was set to a non-zero value.

You should only use this option when backing up a Galera Cluster node. If the server is not a Galera Cluster node, then this option has no effect. Passing a name to this option allows you group backups under arbitrary terms for later processing and analysis.

See MDEV for more information. By default, Mariabackup attempts to connect to the local host. It is equivalent to the --tables option. This is Maria options valid in innobackupex mode, which can be enabled with the --innobackupex option.

When this option is specified, either the --incremental-lsn or --incremental-basedir options can also be given. If neither option is given, option --incremental-basedir is used by default, set to the first timestamped backup directory in the backup base directory.

Mariabackup will options delta copy pages from. Mariabackup will apply. When using Mariabackup to perform an incremental backup, this option forces it to also perform a Maria options scan of the data pages being backed up, even when there's bitmap data on the changes.

MariaDB Using this option, you can define the logical name it uses in identifying the backup.

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Using this option, you can define the UUID it uses in identifying a previous backup to increment from. It checks --incremental-history-name--incremental-basedirand --incremental-lsn.

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If Mariabackup fails to find a valid lsn, it Maria options an error. During backups, Mariabackup only copies.

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It is impossible to diagnose this issue. To create an incremental backupthe --incremental option is supported.

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The --no-timestamp option is supported. To create a partial backupthe --include option is used instead of the --tables option. To create a partial backupthe --databases option can still be used, but it's behavior changes slightly. The --target-dir option is not used to specify the backup directory.

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The backup directory should instead be specified as a standalone argument. The primary purpose of innobackupex mode is to allow scripts and tools to more easily migrate to Mariabackup if they were originally designed to use the innobackupex utility that is included with Percona XtraBackup.

It is not recommended to use this mode in new scripts, since it is not guaranteed to be supported forever. Set only for MySQL option compatibility. Mariabackup initializes its own embedded Maria options of InnoDB using the same configuration as defined in the configuration file. This feature is enabled by default for Mariabackup.

If you want to disable it, use --skip-innodb-adaptive-hash-index. Using this option, you can set the increment in megabytes for automatically extending the size of tablespace data file in InnoDB. Maria options is available to provide compatibility with the MariaDB Server.

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Using this option, you can configure the buffer pool for InnoDB operations. Using this option, you can specify the algorithm Mariabackup uses when checksumming on InnoDB tables.

Using this option you can define the Maria options to InnoDB data files. Each path is appended to the --innodb-data-home-dir option. Using this option you can define the path to the directory containing InnoDB data files. You can specific the files using the --innodb-data-file-path option.

When using this option, Mariabackup improves fault tolerance on InnoDB tables with a doublewrite buffer. By default, this feature is enabled.

Use this option to explicitly enable it.

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To disable doublewrites, use the --skip-innodb-doublewrite option. Using this option, you can tell Mariabackup that you want to encrypt logs from its InnoDB activity. Using this option causes Mariabackup to store each InnoDB table as an. Using this option, you can define the data flush method Mariabackup uses with InnoDB tables.

Using this option, you can explicitly set Mariabackup to include checksums in the InnoDB logs. The feature is enabled by default. To disable it, use the --skip-innodb-log-checksums option.

It exists for MariaDB Server compatibility. Using this option, you can define the path to InnoDB log files.

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Using this option, you can define the maximum percentage of dirty, that is, unwritten pages that Mariabackup allows in the InnoDB buffer pool. Using this option, you can set the maximum number of files InnoDB keeps open at a given time during backups. Using this option, you can define the universal page size in bytes for Mariabackup. Using this option, you can define the path to the directory where you want MariaDB to store the undo tablespace on InnoDB tables. The path can be absolute. Using this option, you can define the number of undo tablespaces you want to use during the Maria options.

It is only available on Linux operating systems.

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It then identifies blocking queries. Using this option you can set a timeout in seconds for these blocking queries. When the time runs out, Mariabackup kills the queries. The default value is 0, which causes Mariabackup to not attempt killing any queries.

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The default is ALL. Only available in MariaDB It is set to ensure compatibility with MySQL. The given value is in milliseconds. Using this command, Mariabackup moves the backup from the target directory to the data directory, as defined by the --datadir option.

You must stop the MariaDB Server before running this command. The data directory must be empty. If you want to overwrite the data Maria options with the backup, use the --force-non-empty-directories option.

Bear in mind, before you can restore a backup, you first need to run Mariabackup with the --prepare option. In the case of full backups, this makes the files point-in-time consistent.

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With incremental backups, this applies the deltas to the base backup. Once the backup is prepared, you can run --move-back to apply it to MariaDB Server.

Use this command if you don't want to save the backup for later. If you do want to save the backup for later, use the --copy-back command. This option disables support for Percona Server's backup locks. When backing up Maria options Server, Mariabackup would use backup locks by default. This option can be used to disable support for Percona Server's backup locks. This option has no effect when the server does not support Percona's backup locks.

This option may eventually be removed. You are not executing any DDL statements during the backup. All tables you're backing up use the InnoDB storage engine. Consider using the --safe-slave-backup option to momentarily stop the replication slave thread.

This alternative may help Maria options backup to succeed without resorting to --no-lock. Do not use this option.