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Everyday objects such as light bulbs, TVs, major appliances, and even website as additional income are increasingly featuring internet connectivity. The Internet of Things IoT comprises all these devices and objects, all communicating with each other and with data centers over the internet.

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Investing in IoT is tricky because so many companies are involved in its various aspects, including businesses that make or provide: Consumer devices such as fitness trackers, connected security cameras, and smart speakers Sensors, chips, and other hardware that serve the industrial and commercial markets Software platforms for managing IoT devices Cloud computing services for the processing power needed to churn through all the data IoT devices generate The COVID pandemic has complicated matters further.

On the consumer side, a weak economy and job losses during the pandemic hurt consumer spending in some areas, but gadgets and devices have escaped much of the pain as people spend more time at home. On the commercial side, temporary business shutdowns, pandemic-driven bankruptcies, and general cautiousness on spending during an uncertain economic environment could put pressure on IoT demand.

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Despite the pandemic, the long-term story remains bright. Many companies are focusing on IoT, because the Internet of Things is a growth business.

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There are many ways to invest in IoT. Here are five options, ranging from a tried-and-true tech giant to smaller pure-play companies.

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IoT Stock.