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Flat robots

First, we need to break down trading robots into basic types. Here we go! Scalping robots Usually the most frequently chosen ones, among others. This is a high-frequency robot that trades with the "Scalping" strategy and makes several dozens or even hundreds of trades per day, all depending on your algorithm setting.

Traders choose this type of robot for the possibility of a large automatic number of deals execution.

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You can't do it by hand. As a rule, this type of robot has a small take profit and a small stop loss, and earns by the number of positions. Flat robots This is not exactly an automatic type of robot, because they work in the sidewall fluteand the corridor is selected by the trader manually.

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This type of robots works in a certain price corridor determined by oscillator class indicators. Like scalping robots, they usually have short take and stop orders.

Currency pairs In new 4. Profit position is closed in profit 5 minutes before the trading day is ended, with the same position re-opened past 5 minutes on the new trading day. This safes a great portion of the profits, otherwise spent on swaps with this strategy.

And the timeframe is from 10 minutes to one hour Trend robots. It's already a more long-term type of robots. The size of orders is already longer than the previous types, and the position can be kept open for several weeks. Another subspecies - counter-trend robots, these are robots that trade against the trend or on price reversals, a kind of swing trading.

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Multicurrency robots The most difficult to configure and expensive kind of robots. As a rule, a single Expert Advisor tracks several interconnected currencies or currency pairs and either opens the same positions on the pairs with a direct correlation, or hedges positions, opening positions on the pairs with a reverse correlation for structuring options details, see the article "Forex Arbitration or Currency Pairs Correlation".

The robot adds volume to the position, if the price went against you and so until you go to the plus or "kill" the deposit to zero, in indicatorless trading robots, this is an automated type of strategy Martingale Forex. And the most high-risk type of robots, I highly recommend not to use them in the main real account.

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Arbitrage robots The most controversial species among the others. Manually tracking this is quite difficult.

It provides methods for reducing risks by fixing a part of profit by trailing stop, smoothing out the gaps by means of dynamic locking, automatic recovering from drawdowns, buying out losing positions. A strict risk management system allows setting a limit on the allowed drawdown both as a percentage and in the deposit currency.

This type of robot does not use indicators or technical analysis, but only differences in prices. But you need to be careful, because, firstly, this type of trading is prohibited in the regulations of operations of many brokers, and secondly, the Internet is full of swindlers who offer to buy such "super-earning" robots, although in fact it is some kind of forks at sports rates.

News robots The settings of such a robot usually contain data on some economic indicators.

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In general, the most volatile and strong news on the market. Indicator robots, on the contrary, usually use technical indicators of trend indicators like the following: Bollinger Indicatorless trading robots.

Trading Robots for MetaTrader 4

Parabolic SAR. Mobile Average and others. Positions are opened when the indicator shows a predetermined value.

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Robot trading parameters. And lastly, let's look at the key parameters that affect the robot. Risk - the size of the allowed drawdown for the position that will be opened.

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Magic Number - the certain number for each position so that the robot doesn't confuse its automatic positions with your manually opened ones. Slippage - the parameter that indicates the allowed slippage.

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