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    No No 1 Odd stock splits most always come with cash to take care of odd dollar amounts resulting. As you can see, the only corporate event that affects none of the contract terms is the ordinary cash dividend. Stock splits so-called forward splits increase the number of shares outstanding by splitting them into a greater number of shares.

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    A simple example is the 2-for-1 split in which the be able to make money in are doubled: shares would turn into shares.

    A split may involve a simple, integral even split such as or holders get two or three shares for every share they ownor it may involve a non-integral odd split such as holders get 3 shares for every two they own.

    Stock Split — Even When a split is an even one, the option splits the same way as the underlying stock, and likewise the strike price — only the strike price and number of contracts are adjusted.

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    If you had written 10 of such a contract, you would be short 20 contracts following the adjustment. The even stock split seems to be the only event in which additional contracts are issued.

    The symbol changes, but not the options are standard or multiplier, and cash is deliverable. Symbol Changes Cash Delivered Reverse Stock Split In a reverse stock split combination the number of shares outstanding is reduced by options are standard them into a smaller number of shares.

    Thus in a 1-for-4 reverse split, every four shares owned by a shareholder would be combined into only one share, and one who owns of those shares would see them turn into only 25 shares.

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    In reverse splits the strike price does not change, but the symbol and multiplier do. If hypothetical stock BUMM undergoes a reverse split, the strikes would remain the same but the symbols would change and only 25 shares would be deliverable. If adjustment is required it is handled the same as for a stock split.

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    In such a case, cash is deliverable in lieu of shares. Cash Delivered Spin-Off of Subsidiary A spin-off occurs when one corporation owns all or part of another a subsidiary and distributes to its shareholders all or part of the subsidiary shares owned. Options on the company making the distribution require the delivery or purchase of shares of the distributing company and shares of the subsidiary being spun off.

    The strike price may be set by reference to the spot price market price of the underlying security or commodity on the day an option is taken out, or it may be fixed at a discount or at a premium. The seller has the corresponding obligation to fulfill the transaction i.

    Symbol Changes Stock of Another Issuer Is Deliverable Tender Offer Options are not adjusted to reflect a cash tender offer buy out even though the tender offer may have a favorable or negative effect on the stock being tendered for, on the theory that neither strike price nor the multiplier number of shares deliverable per contract are changed.

    Many times the tender is only a partial one, usually in a self-tender in which the corporation is tendering for its own shares.

    I assume everyone understands the concept and especially how it relates to selling volatility premium on options.

    The same should hold true of management-led buyouts.