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Stocks Trading tools If you are planning on making a big purchase, but you think the item may go on sale in a week, what would you do? Buy now? Wait and see? How long would you be willing to wait for the price to drop?

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What does the price need to be before you buy? Are you willing to risk the price going up by not buying right away?

What is a cash-covered put?

These questions are also applicable to investing, especially when buying stock in a company. Options are popular tools used by investors who want the flexibility to potentially buy or sell shares at some point in the future. This article will outline one of the more common options strategies: cash-covered puts.

What is a cash-covered put? When and why to use cash-covered puts Have you ever entered a limit order to buy a stock below its current trading price, only to find yourself waiting around for the price to drop for your order to execute?

Option premiums explained Option premiums explained When you buy an option, you pay a premium for the right to trade at a set price within a predetermined time. Learn more about option premiums in this guide. An option premium is the price that traders pay for a put or call options contract. The price you pay for this right is called the option premium. How are option premiums calculated?

With a cash-covered put, you can. By selling a cash-covered put, you can collect money the premium from the option buyer. The buyer pays this premium for the right to sell you shares of stock, any time before expiration, at the strike price.

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The premium you receive allows you to lower your overall purchase price if you get assigned the shares. But what happens if you are not assigned the shares on or before expiration? You keep the premium. While your intention may have been to own the stock, at least you received some incentive for waiting around for the stock to drop in price. Setting aside the cash for this transaction ahead of time allows you to prepare for this scenario.

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Remember that 1 put option contract equals shares of the underlying stock. Step 2: Selling a put option Selling a put option allows you to collect a premium from the put buyer.

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Regardless of what happens later on in the trade, as the put seller, you always get to keep the premium that is paid up front. Profit and risk potential With cash-covered puts, the profit potential has 2 components: the option trade, and if the stock gets assigned.

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The most you can make from the option trade is the premium. If the stock is assigned and you are given ownership, your upside is potentially unlimited if the stock moves higher.

You can see how a premium or option transaction is risk involved with a cash-covered put differs from using a limit order to buy a stock.

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To learn more about put options and how they work, take a minute to watch a short video on Selling puts. Next steps to consider.

  • Premiums are quoted on a per-share basis because most option contracts represent shares of the underlying stock.
  • The strike price may be set by reference to the spot price market price of the underlying security or commodity on the day an option is taken out, or it may be fixed at a discount or at a premium.
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  • By Daniel Kurt Updated May 9, Investors love options because they improve many market strategies.
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