The YouTube and Instagram secret that Google and Facebook don’t want you to know

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Questraworld Not only AdSense, they will also share revenue generated through affiliate marketing sites ClickbankAmazon, eBay etc. Here is one of the best article on how to make money from HubPages. Just check, read and understand this. Although both blogger.

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Because its free, you are always treated like a guest there. They go for their their own paid hosting with their own domain like www. And by using free blogging software like WordPress, you can create a killer blog.

After all WordPress has changed the lives of millions of people and they work day and night with this. Such people are known as either secrets of internet earnings or internet marketer. It may take some time to understand how to create a WordPress blog and how to make money with Google AdSense and other programs using WordPress but once you know WordPress, you will sing the same song like thousands of people and off course like me.

So what is WordPress?

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It has many features including a plug-in architecture and a template system. WordPress is used by over Then you have complete freedom to design your website as you want. You are free to add as many free Apps or plugins as you like in your blog to function your blog as per your wish. Thousands of themes and plugins are available to change the layout, design, settings and the functioning of your blog.

It means, its hard to do all these things!! No, never. Its very much easy. Just imagine, your first time you tried to learn riding a bike or driving a four wheeler.

  1. Top Earning Websites | 30 Websites That Make Money
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You must be thinking you will never learn this. But once you learned, you thought how easy is this? So its difficult till you see this from a distance.

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Yes, if someone need to learn any technical course to create a blog, then it may binary options yuri orlov difficult but its like a learning a 4 wheeler and anyone can learn this.

Login to your account and installed WordPress on your hosting with a simple click. You got your WordPress username and password. Login to your WordPress account, install a free theme, some plugins and your blog is ready.

Google AdSense Earnings Secrets. A Complete Tips & Tricks Tutorial

WordPress has written a very well documentation on this topic and that you can access from WordPress Codex. Just from this documentation, you will learn all about WordPress settings.

But how much this cost? You need a very big AdSense income. So WordPress blogs with lots of smart and hard word and your desire to earn and learn can make you achieve this. Writing comes by experience or by knowledge. Every person in this world has interest in at least 1 topic. It means, there is at least 1 topic, you will take interest to read in newspaper, TV, internet blogs, in your friends circle or anywhere when you heard about that topic.

You are a health conscious, you take more interest in health related topics, you are a cricket or football fan, you will watch cricket or football on TV, read more in newspaper or discuss with your secrets of internet earnings. Your interest may be finance, relationships, tourism, politics, mobiles, gadgets, Bollywood, Hollywood and endless topics of interest. So when there is some discussion on this, you can speak about that. So when you can speak something, you can even write that thing.

So you are getting my point?

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Write you already know So what I want to say? I am just asking you to start writing about what you already know. People want to listen what you want about xyz, what is your review, where is your objection, why you like something or why you dislike something. They want to listen everything from you. More appealing contents you write on your blogs, more people will like them and refer their friends by email, facebook, twitter etc.

And yes, the biggest source of traffic i. More people visit your site, means more earnings through Google AdSense. Source of Writing People have already written everything about every topic, so you need to write something different in different way.

There are many source of contents on internet and you can subscribe to the blogs of some popular people in your niche.

You can even use Google Alerts so that whenever someone writes about something, it will reach you directly. You can subscribe them. Read everywhere you can and only reading a lot can make you write some good contents. Writing secrets of internet earnings and frequency — Try to write on regular basis at least 1 article a week.

The YouTube and Instagram secret that Google and Facebook don’t want you to know - MarketWatch

Write minimum words to words article every week. Readers are not interested to read beyond words so try to shorten the article and write only important points if the article is long. Making this habit will ensure steady traffic from Google and so steady income from AdSense. According to AdSense policy, you must have a very useful site with 6 months old domain.

Only focus on writing and quality writing. Write at least high quality article in your blog before you apply for AdSense. Once your site become at least 1 month old, you can apply for AdSense at Google. It takes days to get the approval from Google AdSense.

So What is Google AdSense?

In most of the cases, Google will give you approval if you follow as I said. In a rare case, they may reject your application. You can then write more articles and apply again after 1 month and now there is very good chance they will approve your account. They may work for temporary basis but once deactivated, you may be permanently banned to open a Google AdSense account.

Try to get approval your own way. You are building a complete AdSense empire, so it takes time to build an empire. Here are some of the steps you can follow if your blog is ready and you write on your blog on regular basis.

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Then it will ask for you the size of the ads. You can use them as per your website requirement but initial 4 Ad Sizes given there in the recommended list gives the maximum earnings. Other then these types of ads, there are link ads as given in the end of the drop down menu. They are not actual ads but they are the link to the ads so when a person clicks on the ad link, it shows number of ads and if that person click on any of the ad, you get paid.

Third column is Ad Type. Google uses Text based, image based and rich media ads for AdSense. You can decide which type of ads you want to go with by trying different ads at different times and see which type of ad give you more earnings.

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Custom Channels — A custom channel lets you group ad units however you choose, such as by size or location on a page. You can track performance by custom channel. You may have many blogs and many sections on your site so you can use different custom channels to track how your channel is performing at different places.

Ad Style — It works for text ads only as you can change font, color, background color of your ads. Giving style similar to your website or blog theme will give you more clicks from the visitors.

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Once you click that, you will be taken to a page with some JavaScript code. Just copy that code and paste in your blog in between your contents through some WordPress plugins or in sidebar so that your secrets of internet earnings can see the AdSense ads and you make money from ads. So What Next?? A million dollar question. Its not sufficient to know what I have written above.

So How To Begin With AdSense?

There is much more about Google AdSense which if you learn can make tons of money. Just have a look at one of my AdSense earning report- This is my earning from one of my AdSense account and you can check the date of most recent payment on 24th Jan More CTR directly means more earnings. So what are those AdSense earning secrets?

Yet they are believed to be a driving force behind investment in their parent companies, responsible for a healthy chunk of the market caps and revenue for two tech titans that are the world-wide leaders in app downloads, according to App Annie. Instagram and YouTube may not be able to stay opaque forever, however, thanks to new revenue-recognition rules that can require new disclosures. One early adopter of the new rules, Microsoft Corp.

I really want to write everything here only but this article is getting very lengthy and I hope if you reading this paragraph, you must be tired and bored. In our next articles, you will discover things like- How to improve CTR This is the single most factor, which can improve your earnings.

There may be many reason for this, like your site shows boring ads, no proper layout, wrong ad size and location etc. With same traffic, with same number of visitors and with same CTR how can you increase your AdSense earnings to 5 times or 10 times.

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This single most AdSense secrets can increases your earnings many times. How to improve traffic Just a little bit of you efforts modifying your articles and some sorts secrets of internet earnings Search engine optimization can bring you lots of traffic. Creating an AdSense Empire Are you still working on one website and that too not giving proper results.

Come on, start creating as many mini Adsense websites as you can, work for few days on each website and leave it to give you lifelong income. Yes, this is possible.