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    More specifically, the components being separated are the corporate bond with its regular coupon payments and the equity option that functions as a call option.

    An asset swap is similar in structure to a plain vanilla swap an asset swap option is the key difference being the underlying of the swap contract. Rather than regular fixed and floating loan interest rates being swapped, fixed and floating assets are being exchanged. These instruments can be almost anything, but most swaps involve cash flows based on a notional principal amount agreed upon by both parties. As the name suggests, asset swaps involve an actual asset exchange instead of just cash flows.

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    Swaps do not trade on exchangesand retail investors do not generally engage in swaps. Rather, swaps are over-the-counter contracts between businesses or financial institutions. Key Takeaways An asset swap is used to transform cash flow characteristics to hedge risks from one financial instrument with undesirable cash flow characteristics into another with favorable cash flow.

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    There are two parties in an asset swap transaction: a protection seller, which receives cash flows from the bond, and a swap buyer, which hedges risk associated with the bond by selling it to protection seller. Basics of an Asset Swap Asset swaps can be used to overlay the fixed interest rates of bond coupons with floating rates.

    The investor pays fixed and receives floating. Here, the swap buyer is also buying protection.

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    First, the swap buyer purchases a bond from the swap seller in return for a full price of par plus accrued interest called the dirty price. Next, the two parties create a contract where the buyer agrees to pay fixed coupons to the swap seller equal to the fixed rate coupons received from the bond.

    In return, the swap buyer secrets to make good money variable rate payments of LIBOR plus or minus an agreed upon fixed spread.

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    • Financial accounting[ edit ] In financial accounting, an asset swap is an exchange of tangible assets for intangible assets or vice versa.
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    The maturity of this swap is an asset swap option is same as the maturity of the asset. The mechanics are the same for the swap buyer wishing to hedge default or some other event risk.

    Also known as par spread, gross spread This is the difference between the yield to maturity of the bond and LIBOR This is the spread over LIBOR that the fixed rate bond coupon payer receives This spread can be split into two components: The first is the difference between the bond coupon and the par swap rate. You can easily back out the corresponding spread over the floating discount factor curve. Uses the Zero Coupon Yield curve By combining the two you can change the coupon payments to either fixed or floating. This is the yield of the bond minus the swap rate for the corresponding maturity swap A fixed-rate bond will be combined with an interest rate swap in which the bond holder pays a fixed coupon and receives a floating coupon. This spread is a function of the credit risk over and above the interbank credit risk.

    Here, the swap buyer is essentially buying protection and the swap seller is also selling that protection. As before, the swap seller protection seller will agree to pay the swap buyer protection buyer LIBOR plus or minus a spread in return for the cash flows of the risky bond the bond itself does not change hands.

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    In the event of default, the swap buyer will continue to receive LIBOR plus or minus the spread from the swap seller. In this way, the swap buyer has transformed its original risk profile by changing both its interest rate and credit risk exposure. Due to recent scandals and questions around its validity as a benchmark rate, LIBOR is being phased out.

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    How is the Spread of an Asset Swap Calculated? There are two components used in calculating the spread for an asset swap.

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    The first one is the value of coupons of underlying assets minus par swap rates. The second component is a comparison between bond prices and par values to determine the price that the investor has to pay over the lifetime of the swap.

    Jill, the Investor Sometimes investors believe that getting floating payments will be more profitable for them.

    The difference between these two components is the asset swap spread paid by the protection seller to the swap buyer. She contacts a bank for an asset swap.

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    Assume that the investor has to pay 0. Then the asset swap spread is 0. Compare Accounts.