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Futures Contract Specifications Futures Chart Functions Note: for both intraday and end-of-day futures quotes clicking on the contract will bring you to a futures chart for that contract.

The far right column, "links" gives you quick access to the detailed contract, chart, options, current option quotes analysis, and opinion in that order for that contract. While the futures chart application may seem complicated at first, the top right search box and dropdown filter options give you direct access to all of the functions.

So the first thing to realize is that options are categorized by expiration dates. So these options that I've listed right here are expiring in April and options expire or they usually expire on the third Friday of any month or I guess to be exact, the third Friday of the month is the last day that you could trade them. They officially expire the Saturday after that. And these are options on GE, the last stock quote.

Within the futures chart will be links to each of these functions in places where they binary options mentor appropriate, but don't let the array of options become overwhelming. Intraday Futures Quotes Shows you prices for each month that a contract is a available.

current option quotes

The prices shown are last, change, open, high, low, volume, previous settlement, and time. End-of-Day Futures Quotes Shows the same information as intraday quotes, but for daily prices.

However, this view also includes the open interest for that contract. Detailed Contract Quote Returns detailed information about a given futures contract, like: The last 5 days of open, high, low, prices Earnings Per Share over the last year or so The last 5 days of price earnings ratio movements The number of new highs, percent change, and number of new lows over the last 5-days, 1-month, 3-month, 6-month, month, and year to date.

Actual option quotes

You can choose a different option — OPINION — which brings you to the technical analysis of the contract and what the indicator suggests buy, sell, or hold.

There are many indicators and opinions featured that are broken down into short-term indicators, medium term indicators, and long term indicators.

  • The Bottom Line Options have a language all of their own, and when you begin to trade options, the information may seem overwhelming.
  • Video profitable strategy for options

Each grouping is given a percentage opinion i. In the most basic sense, you can view a contract's price movements over a period of time.

current option quotes

This futures chart can be viewed as a bar, line, area, Cdl, or hollow Cdl chart. The current view of your chart can be quickly downloaded as a PNG, and you can save charts to be quickly viewed later, making it easy for you to develop complex analysis patterns to access later.

What is an Option Chain? Essentially, an option chain is a list of all the call and put options available for trading a particular underlying security, such as a stock.

The time period can be set from over several decades to down to the minute. Hovering over a point on the chart will give you the exact time and price.

current option quotes

The power lies in the fact current option quotes you can have the chart display many different technical indicators — far too many to list here. When you add an indicator the chart sets default values for any customizable parameters for that technical indicator, which site on which you can quickly make money can change yourself.

The chart also gives tips as to what that particular indicator is useful for. Technical Indicators for Contract View technical indicators for an individual contract over time.

Futures Trading Quotes & Charts

Intraday Options Quotes View the options available on futures contracts for any given month, with information about puts and calls from their expiration date, the price of the contract they're on, the price value of the option point, the premium, the current, and the strike. End of Day Options Quotes Same information as above on futures options, current option quotes end of day prices. Futures Contract Specifications View the futures contract specifications for an individual futures contract, including information like the exchange it is traded on, trading month and units, tick size, daily limit, trading hours, last trading day, and the value of one futures or options unit.

This is also referred to as the "Profile" of the contract in other parts of the chart application.

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Custom Quotes Choose up to 15 contracts to create your customizable set of quotes for comparison. All market data is provided by Barchart Market Data Solutions. Futures: at least 10 minute delayed. Information is provided 'as is' and solely for informational purposes, not for trading purposes or advice. To see all exchange delays and terms of use, please see disclaimer.

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