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    For Newbie accounts it is 0.

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    Special conditions are applied for the calendar spread trading, trading on intra-exchange spread and trading on inter-exchange spread positions of a comparable volume opened in same direction within small timeframe - within 60 minutes - or in opposite directions within any timeframe on the contracts derived from the same underlying commodity assets or on the same futures contracts of different expiration dates, including WTI, BRENT and spot metals.

    Short positions on USA shares tools of the short type will only remain valid within one day, before the end of the trading session, these positions will be automatically closed at current market prices.

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    Pending SELL orders will be cancelled. Pay your attention to the fact that during each trading session there is a break from Restart takes minutes. It includes the positions on the same trading contract, placed in the same direction.

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    Pay your attention that Swap free accounts are not credited with dividends Only 25 active trading accounts are allowed per profile.