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Geotrading what is it


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    Provide each group with a random set of approximately ten trading cards from the handout. Introduce the objectives of the game. Explain to students that they can creatively market their products or combine products to end up with something more desirable.

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    Conduct the first round of trading. Allow for ten minutes of open trading.

    Update the point system on the board to reflect the increase in points per unit for oil. Conduct the second round of trading.

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    Allow for two additional minutes to trade. Announce that trading time is over and have groups tally points. Adjust the results to reflect a new situation.

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    Re-tally the points and figure out who got the most points. Have students reflect on what they learned.

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    Discuss the following questions: Did any countries end the game richer or poorer than they started? Which ones? What was it like to be a rich country?

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    A poor country? Was it easy or difficult to trade?

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    Did any countries feel especially powerful or powerless? Which items were most popular?

    Geotrading Ltd. The Bulgarian company became an authorized distributor for the product selection of the two brands for Bulgaria. Mens Sneakers Online Geotrading Ltd.

    Which were least popular? An excerpt of the film is provided in this activity.