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So many restaurants have many interesting vegetarian dishes. Would you enjoy falafel with hummus and other bright and tasty spreads?

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Creamy polenta with mushrooms? Ukrainian pierogi? Macaroni and cheese? A freshly made bagel with cream cheese?

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Avocado toast? Many Italian restaurants have numerous delicious vegetarian pasta options. Some have nice crispy fried vegetables too mushrooms, eggplant, zucchini that would be more interesting than McDonald's french fries.

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If you just really like french fries there are some celebrated and wonderful french fries in NYC. Most of them strategy 60 seconds binary vegetarian.

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Ask to be sure. You could order those and an additional vegetable dish many restaurants have creative hearty salads that are vegetarian or can be altered to be vegetarian on request There are all sorts of great vegetarian sandwiches of all different types.

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From Italian sandwich shops, try a tomato, fresh mozzerella, basil sandwich with great Italian bread, or a hot eggplant parmesan sandwich. NYC has a good number of vegetarian Chinese restaurants plus plenty of Chinese restaurants that have some vegetarian options on the menu. Many dishes are just naturally vegetarian without the need to trust them to alter it by omitting ingredients.

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Just ask whether it's vegetarian to be sure that no non-dairy animal fats are used. Most don't do that anymore but those who stick to tradition might. Just ask. Pizza doesn't have to be just margarita. Of course, if you love that then it's fine.

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Otherwise you could get mushrooms, onions, peppers, eggplant, garlic, olives added ricotta cheese, even brussels sprouts at some places! Note that many pizza places options in new york let you order a large pie that is half with one type s of topping and half with another. Adults can be more adventurous with their toppings and kids can have plain cheese if that's all they like, but you can still order one large pizza.

Based on your comments about what you ate garlic bread, etc it seems like you might be hesitant to ask your servers about which things are vegetarian and which can be adjusted as needed.

This is a very common request in NYC. You should feel that you can trust your server to provide an honest answer or state that they don't know, especially if it is a restaurant of reasonable quality with staff who are willing to talk to you.

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This is long. I must be hungry! If the kids are picky about the types of things they will eat, let us know.

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Also let us know where you plan to be around mealtimes, or at lest exactly where your hotel is. For instance, you might know that you plan to be around American Museum of Natural History at lunch, or around Empire State Building at night.

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Also let us know if you are primarily in options in new york eats" or are interested in more "moderate" or even upscale restaurants. How old are the kids? Report inappropriate content.