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  • Но он не смог примириться с тем, что этот взрыв лишил его возможности познакомиться с собственной матерью.
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This creates the impression that Members of Congress dormand trading voting themselves pay raises willy-nilly, which is laughable, since congressional pay has not been increased for the last ten years.

Congressional leaders earn more since they have additional responsibilities.

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Member salaries are set by statute. SinceMembers of Congress have been eligible for annual cost-of-living adjustmentsand the Ethics Reform Act of made further changes to this system and established the guidelines currently in use. Congress has the option to vote down these adjustments—and they consistently do just that.

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Member pay has remained the same since Although Federal law theoretically allows cost-of-living adjustments for Members of Congress, there are other ways salaries could be changed. First, Congress could simply pass a law changing its pay.

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According to the Congressional Research Service, the last time this was done was innearly 30 years ago. This method of changing salaries has never been used. Members may earn incomes outside their official duties, but there are restrictions.

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They may earn no more than 15 percent of the Level II of the Executive Schedule, the table that determines the pay scale of high-level political appointees in the Executive How much does house 2 earn.

Aside from limiting how much Members may earn moonlighting, there are also restrictions on how they may do so.

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For instance, sinceboth Representatives and Senators have been forbidden from accepting payments for speeches. Or, as another example, Members may not practice law for compensation or almost any professional activity that involves a fiduciary responsibility.

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This provision affects many Members, since at the start of the th Congress an estimated 50 Senators and House Members were lawyers. Aside from any formal restrictions on earning outside income, there are practical limits: Today, the schedule of a Member of Congress is so heavy that it would be very difficult to earn much in the way of outside employment.

Members of both the House and Senate must file forms disclosing the sources of their outside income, whether earned or passive like dividends from the stock market, book royalties or the like.

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Both the House and Senate make Member disclosure forms publicly available, including online. House disclosures are published through the office of the Clerkand Senate disclosures through the Secretary of the Senate.

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