Retired? Here Are 17 No-Cost Ways to Make Money on the Side.

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    Do you need a financial adviser?

    Schemes with employer contributions By all employers must automatically enrol eligible employees into a workplace pension. Any money you put into the scheme will be topped up twice — first by your employer and second by the government, in the form of tax relief.

    Make sure the line of work is compatible with your level of strength and fitness -- dog walking requires strength and stamina, and grooming sometimes requires heavy lifting.

    Important things to consider when comparing personal pensions include: The charges for setting up and running your pension. Any rules that apply to the timing or size of your contributions.

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    What the investment options for your fund are see the section, below. How easily you can transfer your savings to another scheme if you want to. There are three types of personal pension: Basic personal pensions - where you make regular monthly payments into a plan usually with a wide range of investment strategies chosen to suit different needs and attitudes to risk.

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    Charges vary. SIPPs self-invested personal pensions - which tend to be suitable for larger contributions. How to invest your pension savings Part of the process of choosing your first pension will be to decide how it is invested.

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    Your chosen pension provider will offer you a range of funds to choose from.