Starting Tips - Question Marks & Exploration

Witcher 3 is the fastest way to earn a level

How to LEVEL UP in The Witcher 3 - [Tips \u0026 Tricks]

But a witcher's time for leisurely activities is limited, leaving them with little choice but to sharpen their skills and gain experience along the road. There are 6 Places of Power surrounding the village, which are well worth the time and effort as each one grants an additional skill point.

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witcher 3 is the fastest way to earn a level

Start now Via witcher. Take some time and ride out to uncover question marks and destroy any monster dens and bandit camps along the way.

How to Get Experience Fast in Witcher 3

Be sure to check the World Map often for any new points of interest that might've popped up in the vicinity as well. Proper Preparation There is always work to be had in times of war, but monsters will have their way with ill-equipped witchers.

witcher 3 is the fastest way to earn a level

Via gamepur. Top-notch saddlebags carry more loot and top of the line saddles make for a faster journey, meaning more loot, jobs, and overall experience. Geralt should take on all Witcher Contracts that fall within his level range as Contracts are a witcher's livelihood.

witcher 3 is the fastest way to earn a level

Via reddit. Witchers will be paid for this service along with gaining access to vendors in the newly liberated area.

witcher 3 is the fastest way to earn a level

Finding areas of oppression isn't hard across the war-torn Continent when a Witcher makes a point to investigate undiscovered locations aka question marks. Their heightened senses and keen battle skills make them the perfect adventurer so long as they continue honing their abilities. A well-adapted witcher who doesn't shirk his day to day adventures will be more than capable when the time of ax and sword draws nigh.

You will need everything you can get in those early levels. These initial gains will skyrocket your leveling and performance, regardless of the difficulty. White Orchard contains six easy to access Places of Power. You can have all this right at the beginning too. An Adventures Spirit Is Rewarded Focus some of your time on exploration and marking off the question marks on the camp.