How To Select A Turbo Part 1

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    Buy Now The Nissan z is a great car.

    • This write up will cover the principles and basics of turbo matching.
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    • Turbochargers come in many sizes and physical orientations for all kinds of applications.

    The engine runs like a finely tuned machine. Modern styling, rear wheel drive, a howling v6 and now at reasonable prices the z makes a tempting proposition.

    However, there is one small snag — power. The stock PS may be fine for the street but if you want to increase power from the naturally aspirated VQ35DE you are going to have to dig deep. Tuning a naturally aspirated engine like the VQ35DE is expensive and ultimately yields limited results.

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    So what can you do with your z if you want more power? Forced induction Since the z Z33 has become a mature platform there are a number of tried and tested z Turbo kits available to you.

    There are also plenty of supercharger kits available.

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    Not sure what to go for? Then check out our detailed turbocharger vs supercharger guide to find out which forced induction is right for your Z.

    For the 2.

    We have written this guide to hopefully help you make your z turbo kit decision a little easier. Turbo kits provide the best bang-for-your-buck upgrades for unlocking the true power potential of these engines.

    We highly recommend carrying out a coilover upgrade.

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    Uprated head gasket upgrades come highly recommended, but many additional internal upgrades are also readily available on the market, such as pistons, rods, and cams. Other considerations for upgrading to a turbocharged setup are cooling and fuelling.

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    Having a highly-regarded tuner install the kit correctly can make a massive difference in power delivery and long-term reliability. Turbocharging a little out of your price range right now? Then why not pick up an turbo options rating plenum spacer?

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    A perfect solution for affordable horsepower for your VQ35DE.