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The number of nuclear-armed cruise missiles is not exactly known.

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It can be assumed that about The same number of warheads. These aircraft, most likely, cannot use bombs. The number of charges according to Western data is Disclaimer - SLBMs, due to specific initial starting conditions, are distinguished by reduced accuracy compared to ICBMs and are of little use for a first strike.

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In addition, traditional Russian military doctrines require the NSNF to be viewed as a means of putting pressure on the adversary in an attempt to achieve peace on acceptable terms. That is, they, roughly speaking, are needed "loaded", with missiles, including during the conflict. Unlike the United States, Russia does not have the technical ability to recharge RPLSN launchers outside of bases, which makes it impossible to use them to deliver multiple strikes against the enemy.

Thus, we have ICBMs with warheads of the fast and relatively accurate first strike weapons. To strike in the second wave - 68 bombers a missile salvo of ALCMs, provided that the Kh is used on the TuMS, and missiles are used by all Kh bombers.

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The use of SLBMs is optional and must be retained as a negotiating lever. And are they accurate enough? And we will return to them later. Now we count the goals. The Americans keep another 50 silo launchers in combat readiness without missiles so that we do not know exactly where to aim our missiles.

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These mines serve as decoys. Organizationally, the missiles are deployed in three districts, each under the control of one of the Air Force missile air wings - 90, 91 and American ICBM bases. Below is the layout of the positional areas of 91 "missile wings" of three "squadrons" at Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

Crosses and stars - KP.

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In addition to them, there is also the GKP. White rectangles - checkpoints, which are on duty.

Circles are communication nodes. Lines are communications.

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As you can see, in addition to the mines, it is necessary to hit the command posts, which are based kamazist robot trade 14 main command post, 3 command post of squadrons, 10 control posts with duty shifts and two communication centers. That is, there are about 16 more targets in addition to silos.

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Without going into too much detail and assuming that everything is about the same at other bases, together with empty mines, we get that, with a plus to silos, we need to cover 48 kamazist robot trade targets or so. Total But there are also command bunkers, such as the well-known bunker in Colorado Springs Cheyenne Mountain.

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And he is not alone there. And bases with bombers, storage of tactical nuclear weapons of the Air Force and the Navy, naval bases with submarines and destroyers, each of which could theoretically strike our territory at some point.

The Americans know how to quickly withdraw their forces from under attack. Here, for example, is their training withdrawal from a missile attack by bombers and tankers. In the video, the planes are carrying real nuclear bombs. And they don't need to download any flight missions. If the situation changes during the flight to the target, radio communication is sufficient.

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And so that the necessary cards are on board. Video from the US exercise "Global Shield " And this is probably the most desperate take-off that the Americans have posted on the Internet. They must be hit with ICBMs. You can't rely on the CD from bombers.

They will arrive too late. How many missiles do we have in the first salvo?

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And how many targets did the enemy have? You can safely kamazist robot trade that there are much more than of them, we won't be mistaken.

Moreover, some targets are such that they cannot be covered with one warhead. | Best Forum Around | Free Premium Accounts

Source: Alex Wellrstain's Nukemap The diagram shows a very accurate blow of a warhead with an equivalent of kilotons. This is a "Topolev" monoblock.

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It can be seen that the former Bangor with its famous triangular pier has been completely destroyed. But even the shock wave did not reach the former Bremerton where the submarines now stand. Taking into account the relatively low accuracy of even ICBM warheads, it is clear that BB are needed to guarantee the destruction of all military installations, submarines and ships. And you cannot skip this stage. After all, not only are we so smart to hit rockets from the pier.

Nuclear illusion. It will not work to "glaze" the enemy

And if someone from "Ohio" escapes from there without a volley, then no one will seem a little later. That is, for many of the targets listed above, you will need several warheads. At this stage, the hurray-patriot gets the first blow in the stomach.

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About "glazing". It turns out that we have enough rockets and warheads close and tight to neutralize the American potential for a retaliatory or retaliatory oncoming strike their missiles, submarines in bases, bombers, command centers, communications centers and nuclear weapons depots.