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Western internet earnings, The Western India Plywoods Ltd.

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  • Western Digital Stock Falls 14 Percent Following Earnings
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Western Digital is seeing strong demand from the videogaming market. A few weeks ago, Western Digital announced a corporate reorganizationcreating separate product development teams for hard drives and flash-memory products.

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  • Western Digital Stock Rallies as Earnings Top Estimates, Driven by PC Growth | Barron's
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The company had previously named former Cisco Systems exec Rob Soderbery to run the flash business; today Western named Ashley Gorakhpurwalla, previously a longtime Dell Options plug executive, to run the hard-drive business.

Goeckeler played down speculation that followed the announcement about a potential split into two businesses.

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He says that includes both sales to console vendors and new products for the retail channel, where the company is offering memory for console expansion slots. He notes that a recent launch event for its gaming products on Twitch was streamed bygamers.

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Friday evenings ET. One, the pandemic has slowed the installation of servers in corporate data centers.

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Asked about pricing trends in flash, Goeckeler says that the industry has been disciplined on capital spending. Korea —is a positive sign for the industry.

He notes that Western together with its flash manufacturing joint-venture partner Kioxia together are the single largest NAND producer. Meanwhile, Goeckeler says, western internet earnings company remains focused on both investing in the business and paying down debt.

In late trading, Western Digital shares have rallied 3.

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