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Shtrange, Russkoe Lotman and B. Rzheutskii, A. Aleksandr Radishchev, of course, was fair game, along with the minor authors he influenced. Indeed, I will briefly discuss the fact that Pavel Stroganov was among those marked by the Revolution in this way.

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Petersburg lifestyle of the Bariatinskii children, see I. Bariatinskogo [Copies of letters, various quotation His parents became estranged due to their respective infidelities, and after her return from Paris inhis mother led the high life in St.

Petersburg, entertaining lavishly in her stately mansion on Millionnaia Street. Ivan Ivanovich grew up in this atmosphere and was actively engaged in home theatre, which his mother supported by recruiting young nobles with theatrical talent to perform plays together with her children. The same collection of letters from also features an extended essay, written or copied by him, on the subject of whether the government of the Romans can be deemed democratic, which also includes digressions into Egyptian, Babylonian, and Chinese history.

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In a letter ofBariatinskii seems to endorse the legitimacy of unrest in France albeit without calling it a revolutionwhile at the same time expressing solidarity with the rule of Catherine the Great: 9 Ibid, l.

Bariatinskogo [Drafts, notes, observations and re Petersburg and embarked on a European journey, ostensibly to seek a cure for her rheumatism. It is thus possible that Bariatinskii stopped in Paris on his way to Geneva.

Simolin had received instructions from Catherine to send all Russians home.

Bariatinskii was a supporter of Mirabeau, and we can rank him among the moderates who favoured a constitutional monarchy. In his analysis of the causes of the Revolution, he emphasized the despotic role of the nobility and the weakness of the king, contradicting absolutist political theory. In her travel account she mentioned that her son would come and study at the Geneva Academy, but he was clearly not yet in Geneva at the time of her visit to the city.

See S. In any case, by the late eighteenth century, partly on account of its refusal to hire professors who were not from local aristocratic families, the Geneva Academy was in decline, and much of the new science took place outside its walls, within recently constituted scientific societies, where commoners and foreign scholars worked alongside the local elite, creating an unusually dynamic scientific milieu relative to the size of the city.

Petersburg and Moscow, which functioned more like social hubs than incubators of knowledge, 20 Bariatinskii clearly had in mind primarily the propagation of Enlightenment ideas, the transplantation into Russia of the republic of letters.

Yet there is little to suggest, in his description, binary options roman stroganov such a club could function as a political force, a counterweight to the ruling elites, as it did in Geneva. More specifically, this contract between the citizens and the state rests on the citizens accepting the laws of the state and paying lawful dues to it, while the state promises to protect the goods owned by the citizens and guarantees their peaceful enjoyment.

The emphasis on mutual rights and duties betrays the influence of German Protestant natural law theory, which Bariatinskii acquired through Platner.


The second volume was published posthumously in an unauthorized version, but nevertheless became widely influential. In his view, the civil freedom of individuals living under this political regime is akin to their natural freedom, but limited by the authority of the sovereign, i.

This power manifests itself through the promulgation of laws, while the executive functions of the state pertain to the government, which acts merely as a servant of the sovereign, rather than as a part thereof. Laws represent an absolute expression of popular sovereignty, and they can accordingly be changed in conformity with the will of the people. Clearly, Bariatinskii had no truck with absolutist social contract theory Hobbes, Grotius, Pufendorf, etc.

To put it differently, the legal order needs to be sufficiently robust to hold civil freedom in check, and in order to do so, it needs on the one side to be legitimized by political, democratic participation in the promulgation of laws and on the other, to rest on the fundamental, inalienable rights of the individual.

By emphasizing the role of fundamental binary options roman stroganov, which provide safeguards against excessive civil freedom on the one hand, and against abuse by the sovereign on the other, Bariatinskii took a stance more in keeping with Burlamaqui and with the Declaration of the Rights of Man than with Rousseau, for whom any laws enacted by the popular will must always be right, even though they can change.

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And Bariatinskii also remained committed to the notion that ultimately the happiness of the people took precedence over their freedom and represented the ultimate criterion of legitimacy for the sovereign, a vestige perhaps of his intellectual debt to German natural law theory. Over the course of the eighteenth century, Geneva had punched above its weight in European affairs and assumed a visible position in debates among Enlightenment figures.

The legacy of the Binary options roman stroganov Reformation, the fame of Rousseau, the unique political system under which it functioned, often mythologized nostalgically as a kind of ancient republic, the alleged uncorrupted mores of the Genevans, and the economic dynamism of the city all combined to maintain Geneva in the international limelight.

Yet social relations between its different binary options roman stroganov were anything but harmonious. The city was composed of six different estates: the citoyens i. By the end of the s, only male members of the first two estates, i. In a concession to the polity, the circles were again allowed, and bythe year Bariatinskii arrived in Geneva, civic activism and the dissemination of political pamphlets were flourishing.

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The placement of this text, its subject matter, and the virulence of its tone make it unlikely that it represented a pedagogical exercise mandated by a tutor. We can surmise that he intended to circulate these two texts among his family and close friends, as was the practice among the aristocracy of his times. The young student is generally albeit not always well informed. His descriptions of the social structure and political order of the republic are broadly accurate, if incomplete and somewhat tendentious.

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Binary options roman stroganov is keenly aware of the mythical reputation of the city, and debunks some tenets of this myth, while accepting others. He identifies two main reasons for the evisceration of freedom in the city.

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The first is of a moral order and has to do with the arrogance, vanity, ambition, and prejudices of the ruling caste, which he calls aristocracy in the draft version and oligarchy in the clean copy. He thus contrasts the contemporary oligarchic political system with its former incarnation, when the General Council played a greater binary options roman stroganov in the running of the city and about half of the political leaders came from outside the patrician binary options roman stroganov.

His description of the role of the General Council is brief, but largely correct. In the General Council had obtained the right to elect half of the Council of the Two Hundreds, but this right was removed in Nevertheless, as he correctly implies, the restoration of the sovereignty of the General Council was one of the main political aims of the citizens and bourgeois.

Does it mean visible by the operator of the machine, in a cupboard near the machine, Hagg E. Our purpose here is to show that these networks can also be represented by the state equations in normal. One example is the so-called oddball paradigm, which consists of a set of frequent baseline stimuli, occasionally usually at random interrupted by a rare test stimulus.

In his view, it is the birth of an oligarchy that has destroyed the peaceful way of life and the ancient happiness of the Genevans. The Genevans have remained thrifty and industrious, and Bariatinskii seems to accept the premise that public decency has been preserved.

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He acknowledges the existence of religious freedom in the city and the importance of piety, but delineates a rational, if not rationalist attitude towards religion, the emergence of a shallow, desacralized form of piety. Ministers serve God and the world in equal measure and see no contradiction between the two.

Yet his lack of attention to the popular classes also betrays his blinders.

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He is a republican, not a democrat, and his premise of equality pertains to relations among those endowed with political rights, rather than among the people as a whole. What he decries in Geneva is the usurpation of power by an increasingly narrow oligarchy—which endangers liberty—along with the general lust for power and wealth, which saps the selfless ethos of genuine republicans.

It is doubtful that Bariatinskii would advocate extending political rights to all inhabitants of the city. He has little to say about the natifs, let alone the sujets, and nowhere does he show any democratic proclivities in his writings. All three types share the same vainglory and pursue their private interests at the expense of the common good of the Republic and its neighbours. Hennin, however, writes as a monarchist and in support of the local oligarchic magistrates, who are loyal to France and threatened by the rise of these unscrupulous bourgeois who take advantage of the weaknesses of the republic as a political system.

But contrary to Hennin, Bariatinskii applies this language to the ruling patricians, those who have usurped the political rights of the citoyens and bourgeois and thereby despoiled freedom in the Republic. In so doing, he co—opts these representations in defence not of monarchy, but of the nostalgic ideal of an original, binary options roman stroganov, peaceful republic which once enjoyed seven ways binary options fruits of happiness.

While his analysis is inspired by the republican ideal, his dismissive comments about political rhetoric in the city suggests a misunderstanding of the importance of its debating culture, an important aspect of its political system, its public sphere.

Furthermore, even though he perceptively analyses the evisceration of liberty, which he understands as inextricably tied to sovereignty, he fails to validate the political aspirations of the natifs, the bulk of the Genevan population, towards admission to the bourgeoisie and participation in the political process.

The social tensions he observes in Geneva serve as a screen upon which he projects his anxieties about the legitimacy of his own estate.

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It bears mentioning that the Genevan oligarchy did not consist of a legally constituted nobility whether of the sword or of service inheritable by birth, but rested on holding high office in the city government. Bariatinskii is blind to this distinction, or unconvinced of its importance.

When he derides the petitesse of the Genevan oligarchy, one could be tempted to upbraid him for his condescending views of the vernacular elite, stirred by the pride he could take in the longer lineage and greater wealth of the Russian aristocracy.

But this would mean to ignore the sharp criticisms Bariatinskii reserved for his own kind in his other writings.

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As he contemplated his future, he outlined three existential paths open to him. The options he formulated here are in themselves telling. The first implies a radical break with the habitus of his social estate, the second total adaptation to it. What is significant here is the notion that his calling is both to affirm and protect his own freedom, even if in defiance of his immediate social environment, and to contribute to the enlightenment of humanity.

His views on the Russian aristocracy remained unchanged, and until his death inhe continued to write scathing descriptions of the lifestyle of fellow aristocrats and landowners. He seems keenly aware that as a representative of this privileged estate, he is trapped in intractable contradictions.

The extent to which Bariatinskii systematically blamed his social peers for the binary options roman stroganov of the world, whether it was in his analysis of the causes of the French Revolution, the backwardness of Russia, or the civil strife in Geneva, finds its origins in his consciousness that the aristocracy did not live up to its part of the social contract, the requirement to render dues to its country.

The ideas he adopted from German natural law theory conflicted fundamentally with the aristocratic habitus and opened up deep tensions at the heart of his sense of self.

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Many travellers marvelled at the high level of education of the Genevan population. This mistrust of untamed manifestations of revolutionary fervour underpins his depiction of revolutionary events in Strasburg, for example.

In Geneva he shows little sympathy toward the protestors and little awareness of their agenda. Street unrest had begun in January It had involved fatalities on both sides and prompted the government to issue an edict of pacification in Februarywhich allowed the reopening of the circles and pronounced an amnesty for the political exiles of He visits some circles and reports that the conversation mostly revolved around the situation in Paris, binary options roman stroganov out of political interest, but because wealthy people had lent millions to France and feared that the country would declare bankruptcy.

Pierre, he summarizes sympathetically the patriotic sermon of the preacher, who affirmed the general happiness of the Republic and called on its inhabitants to cherish social harmony and peace, which alone can safeguard the security of all.

Eager to preserve social harmony, Karamzin is all too happy for political tensions to be papered over by token concessions from the government. Much binary options roman stroganov he had done in his description of Strasbourg, Karamzin plays down manifestations of revolutionary sentiments.

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His affection for the idyll, which leads him to cast a prettifying veil over reality, trumps the historical intuition of the future historiographer.