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Port trading kholmsk

port trading kholmsk

The Holmsky sea trade port is located on the western coast of the southern part of the island of Sakhalin, in top of the non-freezing Gulf Nevelsky, connected with the regional center iron and automobile roads.

Year-round navigation, existence of ferry railway communication with the continent, provides to port paramount value in implementation of transport port trading kholmsk of island area with other regions of Russia.

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It is open for navigation of vessels all the year round. Ice keeps since the beginning of January to the middle of March, but does not interfere with swimming.

The port water area Northern and Southern is divided piers and the direct line connecting them extremities into the internal water area on which the harbor of trade port, and external raid is located [3].

port trading kholmsk

In East ladle the yacht-club is based. There are several branch lines up to 17 branches to the station Kholmsk-sorting. The machine-translated articles are not always perfect and may contain errors in vocabulary, syntax or grammar.

port trading kholmsk

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