Where to make money by fighting

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How much money do MMA fighters make? For such a short and simple question, you learn in binary options be surprised to learn that the answer is a bit more complicated.

With the explosion of popularity in MMA thanks to fighters like Conor McGregor over the past few years, the pay has substantially risen. Although there is still a significant wage gap from the highest to the lowest paid in organizations like the UFC.

Why Can’t Amateur Fighters Be Paid?

This is actually an implication from the rise of some of the top stars in the sport. How much money did MMA fighters make in ? S average household income.

This average is heavily swayed by top earners outliers such as Conor McGregor. However, many of these endorsement opportunities are reserved for only the best of the best. For example, Stipe Miocic has a popular Modelo commercial that has been running non-stop recently, and other popular fighters such as Cody Garbrandt are sponsored by BodyArmor.

Can The Promotion Compensate The Fighter In Other Ways?

However, these numbers continue to increase as the popularity of MMA increases. Fighters such as Conor McGregor or Jon Jones make much more than the company average, usually earning millions of dollars each fight after PPV earnings and sponsorships.

Only fighters in the UFC are currently earning six-figure salaries.

where to make money by fighting

This can also be contributed to the rise in interim belts. It is worth noting that these are only the reported salaries plus Fight of the Night, Knockout of the Night and Submission of the Night bonuses that have been made public, along with Reebok payouts which came into effect with UFC Sponsorships Before the Reebok deal came into place, Where to make money by fighting fighters made a ton of money off of their sponsorships.

This is the reason why a ton of MMA fighters were upset when the Reebok deal came into place.


The Reebok sponsorship is still substantially less sponsorship money when compared to these days. How do UFC fighters get paid? Base Salary UFC fighters are given a fee for every match which they fight in, irrespective of their victory or loss. There is a contract drawn up for each fighter, and higher ranking fighters make more money.

Also, fighters in greater demand can negotiate for better prices such as CM Punk. Win Bonus We talked about the win bonus earlier.

where to make money by fighting

Many people are strongly against the idea of a win bonus. Whether you advocate for it or not, it must be nice to get paid double for a win.

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This is usually for fighters who make less money, rarely will you have a top ranked fighter who is making six figures get a huge win bonus. This Reebok sponsorship has caused fighters to lose a lot of sponsorship money.

Fight Night Bonuses Fight night bonuses are one of the most exciting things about the sport.

where to make money by fighting

Many fighters also saw huge monetary losses in from their acts outside of the octagon McGregor throwing a dolly through a bus, Khabib starting riot after UFC Conor McGregor continues to impress in and outside of the octagon.

Many speculate he made an upwards of 50 million after a reported 2. Other Ventures: Proper Twelve is a huge venture Conor McGregor took on for his fight with Khabib, this is a massive investment that has been very successful. He has shown his value to the UFC with his ability to headline major events held in Australia. Mark Hunt has made over 6 million in base salary since joining the UFC inthis is impressive for any fighter to continue fighting at such a high level for over a decade.

He where to make money by fighting a great ambassador of the sport inside and outside of the octagon. The rise of Daniel Cormier has just begun, enjoy the show.

where to make money by fighting

He has had an illustrious MMA career which includes over 60 fights total. Fighter pay is always a controversial subject among UFC fighters.

Former UFC Champion Michael Bisping for example has what is likely a lucrative sponsorship deal with the boxing and Jiu Jitsu equipment Sanabul, through which he promotes their boxing gloves and Muay Thai gear.

Nowadays you see the high end supplement brand Thorne advertising all over the octagon. Additionally, many fighters also supplement their income by teaching either at an MMA Gym or through online videos.

Anderson Silva recently made some boxing and Muay Thai instructional videos for the website Dynamic Striking for example. This is a nice way for fighters to earn a little extra money while continuing to do what they love. Final Say I think everyone can agree that MMA fighters should be treated better in general, however, we also must understand the massive potential for making money in the UFC. People must understand that not every fighter competes in MMA solely for the money, many fighters compete because they simply love MMA.

How UFC fighters get paid

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