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Trend line reversal

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To this day, trendlines continually form on the charts of financial markets across all the different timeframes providing regular opportunities for traders to jump in and profit on a piece of the action. Advantages of the Trendline Reversal Strategy are: Provides a valid trading opportunity, either short or long, out of almost all setups. Provides opportunities where most of the time the risk-reward ratio offered is great, usually or more.

20 Advanced Trendline Reversal Setups

This is because we place our stop just behind the healthy trendline and we ride with the move until a support or resistance zone is hit at a later time. The essential idea of this strategy is: Just follow the trendlines!

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When an intersection of the projections happens, one of the trendlines must be broken and the other will most likely continue trend line reversal hold the price. We trade in the direction of the trendline that remained unbroken.

#5: 3 Powerful Trend Reversal Strategies

So, the trendlines should be going in the opposite direction. Wait for one of the trendlines to break Trend line reversal in the direction of the breakout: - Enter immediately on the breakout or - Wait for a retest — confirmation of the broken trendline before entering. We must be careful that we have clear targets: - In other words, we need to make sure there are no obstacles close to our entry level.

Basically, we are constantly monitoring and drawing trendlines, and judging by the changes in the slope of every new trendline we can determine how likely a reversal is at any particular point in time.

  • Wednesday, January 6, PM Drawing Trend Lines Trend line connecting correction lows Trend lines are key elements of chart patterns as they indicate significant price levels.
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In this case on the AUDUSD 4h chart, it was pretty clear that a reversal was imminent and we could have timed the entry to catch a nice profit of the move.

AUDUSD was making higher highs on this chart, however, upon closer inspection, we can see that the slope of the upward, support trendlines underneath was decreasing until it finally turned flat horizontal before the bearish breakout.

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The next chart is another example of how this strategy works. In fact, in order to capture maximum profits, you need to exit at some technical level before the price takes a turn and reverses.

Trend Line Break Forex Reversal Strategy

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