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The largest options


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    Citadel Securities acts as a specialist or market maker in more than 3, U. How we do it Our trading technologies seamlessly connect the largest options to our liquidity ecosystem.

    Cboe is also the originator of the Cboe Volatility Index VIX which is the most widely used and recognized proxy for market volatility. In the exchange incorporated as a holding company with the exchange as its main asset. In the holding company and exchange rebranded as Cboe Global Markets Inc. Cboe is home to the VIX volatility index and many other volatility instruments. Understanding the Cboe Options Exchange Cboe offers trading across multiple asset classes and geographies, including options, futuresU.

    These systems in turn are continuously upgraded through sophisticated research and rapid development with the goal of setting the industry standard for fast, reliable execution in most market conditions.

    To maximize trading opportunities for clients, our automated trading platform sources liquidity from all U.

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    Our team works daily to facilitate the auction at options forts open and provides liquidity to help dampen volatility throughout the day.

    How we do it Citadel Securities is one of the most prominent players in the U. We quickly deliver competitive quotes to clients by combining our vast array of technology platforms, our proprietary expertise, and in-depth knowledge of ETF securities and their underlying constituents.

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    Citadel Connect As managing risk via off-exchange the largest options has become more important, institutional investors must connect to alternative sources of liquidity.

    Citadel Connect, our innovative Immediate-or-Cancel order IOC platform, is one of the fastest growing sources of off-exchange liquidity in the U. Citadel Connect enables us to provide investors, through their executing brokers, with efficient, reliable, and cost-effective access to our deep unique principal liquidity.

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    Our teams ensure seamless integration with this platform by using a diverse range of client trading infrastructures and routing technologies. Our platform emphasizes speed, market-leading technology, and access to our unique principal liquidity to support clients in achieving their trade execution goals.

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    How we do it Our proprietary algorithms are designed to maximize efficiency by continuously optimizing order placement and accessing our principal liquidity. We offer a range of strategies, allowing clients to customize their trading preferences and requirements while working to minimize market impact. Our market micro-structure and order routing expertise, coupled with our leading position in the market, create access to a unique liquidity pool for our clients and partners.