101 Awesome Affiliate Programs To Make Money In 2020

Affiliate programs make money on the Internet

I used to be a super affiliate for SiteGround, but not anymore. WP Engine is too pricey and not a great host, meaning less conversions and sales. Nearly every hosting company has an affiliate program. Take into consideration their price, commissions, user-friendliness, speed, support, reputation in Facebook Groups.

However, there are a number of great tools you can use to analyze the keywords your competitors are ranking for, as well as what people are searching for, and how easy it might be to rank for that keyword. Best Affiliate Program to for online shopping? The Amazon Affiliate Program, of course!

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Blog Posts On your blog, consider writing software reviews or putting together a listicle of the best software for X industry. You can also write how-to articles that help your readers solve a specific problem by using affiliate-linked software.

Social media Social media influencers can simply tweet or share links to their favorite pieces of software. Make sure to preface why you like it though, otherwise, your tweets may look like spam.

How to make money online with affiliate marketing? Before you join any of this programs, you have to understand that the key to success is not to target the one with the highest commission rates per sale, your focus should be to build up your traffic. There is absolutely no point in joining these affiliate program when your web traffic is low. Join Google Adsense first and take your time to build up the traffic, once the traffic is high enough, for instant 1 million pageviews per month, only then do you register for these affiliate marketing programs.

Paid advertisements In some cases, it may actually be beneficial to pay to promote your affiliate links. If the affiliate pays enough, consider boosting your blog posts on Facebook, or working with another social media influencer to promote your posts.

Email lists Have a successful email list?

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The most important asset you have as a blogger is your email list. This is your crew, your audience, your tribe.

Want to Make Money With Affiliate Marketing? This Post Is For You

Like today. Affiliate programs make money on the Internet A Good Email Platform.

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Constant Contact also offers a day free trial without needing to input a credit card, which is awesome. Create A Sign Up Incentive. Use a Pop Up, side bar, and end of post form.

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If you want to maximize your subscribers, you need to make it as easy as possible to subscribe to your blog. This means you need to put forms in the right places. The most effective form locations are in a pop up, on the side bar, and at the end of posts.

Step 1 Create Content That Generates Affiliate Revenue In an effort to make money with affiliate marketing, most beginners simply publish some random content and insert affiliate links within the article. Your target audience is someone who wants to buy a product but not sure whether or not the product is worth it. Sometimes, the user may not even know which product to buy for fulfilling their needs. That means your article should be targeting investigational intent keywords — the type of keywords your target audience uses on Google to research about the product they want, right before making the purchase. For more details, you can check out our guide on choosing the right keywords.

Use Single Opt In Forms. There are two ways you can set up your forms — to automatically confirm a subscriber when they sign up, or require them to confirm. Case Studies If you have a favorite piece of software that has an amazing affiliate program, write a case study about it.

Not only will this help your audience find a new software solution, but it will also easily drive traffic to your affiliate links.

How to Make Money While You Sleep With Affiliate Marketing

You also get an SEO advantage, as your independent case study will act as a testimonial when people search for software reviews. A Quick Word of Warning One word of advice before you start promoting software and services: make sure you actually use the software before you start promoting it. If you have never used the software, your content is likely to miss key points and features that may be huge selling points.

Spending an hour with the free trial will make a world of difference in your content, and will help you make more money.

101 Awesome Affiliate Programs To Make Money In 2020

What Do You Think? Those are the best affiliate marketing programs for making extra income in and beyond. When promoted properly, these companies can provide huge passive returns for your business—especially if you focus on recurring returns.

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But enough from us, what do you think? Have a favorite affiliate marketing program?

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