Video courses how to make money, How To Make Money On Udemy

Facebook Twitter If you are looking for a Newbie-Friendly way to grow a passive income online then learning how to make money with Udemy or one of the growing band of Online Course Marketplaces is a great place to start.

No need to purchase a domain name, set up hosting, create a Clickbank account, upload videos to Amazon S3 or do any of the myriad operations with bitcoins to earn usually associated with starting an online business. I struggled a lot…but I did eventually find something very simple that worked for me.

How To Make Money On Udemy

Hopefully if you are still struggling to make your first dollars online this will help. The really good news is that my results are extremely average or perhaps even low average compared to other brand new instructors, so I want to emphasize that this is something you can absolutely do…and I truly believe if you do, you will have success. Content Stretching is essentially taking one piece of content and leveraging it as much as you can by spreading it out to as many different marketplaces and media as possible.

In the results above I chose online course marketplaces such as Udemy and Skillshare.

How to make money from your online video course

I also recommend picking up an inexpensive pop filter to block out additional noise. I purchased a black Whisperteknik foam windscreen which you can also find on Amazon. Both of these softwares are extremely simple and intuitive to use. In any case Udemy has plenty of inexpensive online courses if you want to take your Video Production up a level.

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Good audio is a high priority to many of the course marketplaces. The majority of courses I published were just my spin on content of courses that I had just bought and consumed. Go through a couple courses that interest you, and teach those things you just learned.

When I started out I sucked too, but I got better and improved over time. However, even to this day I still cut out all my ahhhs and umms — I almost never record it perfect on the first try.

If you have some awesome credentials, great, you can use them in places like your profile or biography for these platforms. Create A Course Outline Now, in order to make things flow as fast as possible, I like to plan out a simple outline for the courses I create. To do this think of what you want to teach, and then figure out how you can break that down into simple steps. Each step will be a separate lecture or video.

How to Make Money Making Training Videos That People Want to Watch

I typically try and make most courses about an hour or so. Now, that may seem like a long time. But to make it really easy for myself, I break each step into short videos. If you were to teach something that included 12 steps and you needed to have one hour of content, that would mean only talking for 5 minutes about each step, which anyone can do.

How To Scale The System So, each and every course platform is slightly different but also has several things in common. I create one full course, usually about an hour in total length, made up of multiple smaller lectures usually minutes each.

10 Ways To Make Money With VIDEOGRAPHY - Get Paid To Make Videos

Make the image x it can be smaller, but keep those same proportions. Some platforms want you to have full courses, some are fine with just mini lessons, some like to bundle your courses, etc.

Udemy — this is basically the Google of the online course marketplaces. Skillshare — my recommended place to start out because they let you upload individual lessons. Each lecture only has to be a minimum of at least 10 minutes.

StackSkills — this is another large platform that has a wide reach and can promote your courses out to their massive audience for exposure. ULearning — this is a newer platform.

Amazing — this is also a newer platform launched by Matt Clark, one of the people behind the massively successful Amazing Selling Machine. This is a unique platform and kind of a hybrid between Skillshare and Udemy. Worth checking out because I believe there will be greater chance to video courses how to make money more revenue on this platform than other marketplaces, but it might be helpful to get your feet wet at somewhere like Skillshare or Udemy first.

How To Make Money On Udemy – Selling Video Courses Online

You will literally make sales just from being in these marketplaces. Of course if you wish, you could promote yourself, for example on your Facebook profile, via your blog and Twitter.

How do I get good reviews for my courses? On many of these platforms you do have the opportunity for students to leave reviews. We all know the power of reviews due to sites like Amazon.

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Reviews are extremely powerful and provide social proof that helps in driving more sales and profits. Number one, focus on creating the highest quality and valuable content that you can on your topic.

Then next you can prompt students at various points throughout the course to take action and leave a positive review or rating if they have enjoyed the content inside, to help encourage others to enroll. You can also incentivize them in some way in exchange for a review, like sending them a content upgrade or free report, video or interview.

Keep it simple.

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When do I get paid? Each of the platforms are different in how you get paid, when you get paid and what you get paid for.

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But most typically pay out a full calendar month after the current month. But some pay on the 1st and 15th or later in the month. The most important thing for beginners is to just get started.

Once you start getting results then you can begin planning out your months in order to reach your financial goals. This varies, depending on the company. But lets look at Udemy as an example. There is a good number of options available depending on how the customer found the course.

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You can make a lot of money with Udemy but like everything in life — the more effort, the more rewards! A simple, scalable, and sustainable video courses how to make money income system So, there you have it.

I encourage you to take action and implement this system. Look, if a somewhat Lazy Introvert like me can make money with Udemy and online course marketplaces, it should work for most people! Well worth a flick trough for some additional ideas and suggestions on how to make Udemy work.