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Continue reading the main story Apple, Google and a Deal That Controls the Internet In a landmark antitrust complaint, the Justice Department is targeting a secretive partnership that is worth billions of dollars to both companies. Now, the partnership is in jeopardy.

But they also know how to make nice when it suits their interests. And few deals have been nicer to both sides of the table than the iPhone search deal.

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They can also find their way to other Google products, like YouTube. Microsoft, which had its own antitrust battle two decades ago, has told British regulators that if it were the default option on iPhones and iPads, it would make more advertising money for every search on its rival search engine, Bing. In fact, Mr.

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Cook and Mr. Pichai met again in to discuss how they could increase revenue from search. A forced breakup could mean the loss of easy money to Apple. But it would be a more significant threat to Google, which would have no obvious way to replace the lost traffic.

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It could also push Apple to acquire or build its own search engine. Within Google, people believe that Apple is one of the few companies in the world that could offer a formidable alternative, according to one former executive.

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Google has also worried that without the agreement, Apple could make it more difficult for iPhone users to get to the Google search engine. A spokesman for Apple declined to comment on the partnership, while a Google spokesman pointed to a blog post in which the company defended the relationship.

Apple, Google and a Deal That Controls the Internet

Even though its bill with Apple keeps going up, Google has said again and again that it dominates internet search because consumers prefer it, not because it is buying customers.

The company argues that the Justice Department is painting an incomplete picture; its partnership with Apple, it says, is no internet earnings without trust in dollars than Coca-Cola paying a supermarket for prominent shelf space. Apple has rarely, if ever, publicly acknowledged its deal with Google, and according to Bernstein Research, has mentioned its so-called licensing revenue in an earnings call for the first time this year.

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Cook said when asked by Axios in late why he partnered with a company he statistics of earnings on the Internet implicitly criticized.

Jobs as a mentor, and they would take long walks with him to discuss the future of technology.

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Quickly, Mr. Cook, then still a deputy to Mr. Apple expanded the deal for its big upcoming product: the iPhone.

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When Mr. Google had quietly been developing a competitor to the iPhone : smartphone software called Android that any phone maker could use. Jobs was furious. InApple sued a phone maker that used Android.

Jobs told his biographer, Walter Isaacson.

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Apple had arranged the deal to require periodic renegotiations, according to a former senior executive, and each time, it extracted more money from Google. Google was facing a squeeze, with clicks on its mobile ads not growing fast enough.

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And Mr. By the fall ofApple announced that Google was now helping Siri answer questions, and Google disclosed that its payments for search traffic had jumped.