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    In fact, the machine was and remains hard to fault at the price, and only when comparing small room reverbs did it give any substantial ground to the similarly priced Lexicon MPX The majority of the new machine's physical form and signal processing structure remains identical, so I will highlight only the changes and new functions here. A menu option lets you feed the left input to both channels — previously done by automatic switching on the TRS sockets.

    The effects programs have also been supplemented with two new options, plus some enhancements to all the reverb algorithms.

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    The reverb algorithms have been improved for the XL version with TC's 'XL Technology' — the result of the company's continuing research and development in artificial reverberation. The improvements mainly affect the creation of early reflections and provide better reverb tails with greater density and more complex modulation characteristics.

    The room size parameter of every reverb program has also been extended to include an XL option small, medium, large and new XL! However, it is in the simulation of small rooms that the new machine really shows its mettle.

    Download the latest TC DecoderPro file here. Version 03 October, '10 This update to the previous October '08 file includes the correction of some long standing typos in the secondary message address section. Be sure you have saved any required data to a roster file before doing this. Factory reset may only be done in Service Mode. After a factory reset you must restore the desired OPs address to the unit, using service mode if more than one CV must be changed.

    Not many people know that! A stereo width control replaces the pan facility of the tap delay signal tc option to determine the image spacing of the repeats, but all the other parameters remain the same, including filtering, feedback, delay time and level.

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    Considering the attractive price of this machine, the new Small Room algorithm is extremely good value and delivers very credible results. I liked the original very much, and the new XL is even better, yet costs exactly the same.

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    Well worth fitting into your effects rack.