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Greatly depends on hardware and BIOS. If a key is pressed during this period of time, the countdown is stopped.

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See also DefaultLoader. It can be set to: Volume Name - The name of the volume. Part of Device Path - Also shown in Clover's logs. OS X Startup Disk can be used to reboot into another volume, but for the following reboot DefaultVolume will be used again.

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This provides more precise default entry selection for Volumes that have multiple Loaders. The value can be the complete path or a unique portion like like file name. This log then can be assessed to find out what the problem is.

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WARNING turning on this log will dramatically increase loading time as it has to write the log to the disk as it goes. So please be patient and give plenty of time before reseting your computer.

By enabling this option in your BIOS, booting of many operating systems won't be possible anymore, except Windows 8, and some Linux distributions.

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The aim is to use Clover while Secure Boot is enabled. Clover's binary will need to be signed and a certificate to be loaded.

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NeverHibernate Disables the hibernation state detection. Apple - Use the default gray on gray apple logo. Alternate - Use the alternate white on black apple logo.

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None - Use no logo only background color, gray if not specified by custom entry. However, the graphics output protocol is not in anyway modified so if the OS draws after it is started then it is after the boot screen is drawn clover binary options will overwrite the custom logo, at least for now.

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