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  • The trend of financial services companies — amongst other consumer-driven retailers — associating themselves with high-end luxury goods, sports teams and racing events can bring numerous benefits, achieved via various sponsorships, partnerships, or endorsements.
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  • Binary Options Broker ZoomTrader Signs Sponsorship Deal with Bologna FC | Finance Magnates
  • ⭐ Binary options issues malaysia ⭐ ✅ 's Best Trading Brokers

We lobby Southampton FC on why they are taking sponsorship from fraudulent binary options firms September 7, am UTC, Andrew Saks By signing deals with fraudulent binary options firms, high profile football clubs with large and loyal fan bases are setting themselves up to be associated with fraud, and also to allow the very fans that adore and support them all of their lives to be duped out of money by the very firm that sponsors the team.

We look into this, and why it should never prevail Good quality, well known British Premier League football teams with a massive following of loyal fans.

Like many very popular sports in Britain, football has a massive fan base, made up of good honest people who want to support their teams at the weekend, many of whom consider the supporting of their team to be an unfaltering way of life.

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Sponsorships such as this have two toxic consequences. The first being that a major football team is earning revenue from the proceeds of fraud, therefore associating itself with the lowbrow, bottom rung nature of binary options, and the second being that loyal fans who are unsuspecting and perhaps have never heard of binary options are exactly the market that binary options brands seek to target, therefore by allowing binary options firms to sponsor them, football teams are creating an environment in which their own loyal fans who adore and trust their beloved teams could be ripped off.

The second possibility is probably the most dangerous, as it would cause individuals who had no previous exposure to electronic trading to associate bona fide firms of London, New York and Chicago with back street binary options businesses with no presence in any financial center, thus making life harder for the real firms in the industry whose executives dedicate their professional careers to providing the highest quality trading environment and live market access to customers.

Binary options trading sponsors for binary options not resemble in any way, shape or form the real electronic trading industry.

IQ Option Goes for 'Speedy and Reliable' with Aston Martin Sponsorship

Israel, which is home to many of the platform providers which although they never admit it are also market makers, has been at sponsors for binary options forefront of attempts to put an end to this entire business, with senior regulatory official Shmuel Hauser stating that he seeks to quash the entire industry that is bringing disrepute on the nation.

France has outlawed the advertising of binary options, and Belgium has banned it completely. It is illegal in the United States too, and Britain, where gambling is legal, has decided not to regulate binary options under FCA licensing due to the number of scams that have come to light. We look to get leads from all sources and funnels, and if people working here can bring leads then this is better.

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The career paths of the owners of binary options firms make money in the financial market nothing like that of real financial markets executives. The understanding of operations and business model employed by many brokers of this type is also representative of a complete dichotomy from those abroad, largely because the retail FX and binary options industry in Israel did not rise up from the interbank or technology sectors that it did overseas, and was not established by financial markets professionals with strings of qualifications and shareholders to report to.

Instead, it was a spin-off from the huge gaming, affiliate marketing and sports betting businesses that are set up in Israel that market their services to retail gaming customers overseas gambling is illegal in Israel.

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The trouble is that binary options is worse than gambling because it purports to offer financial markets trading facilities, which it absolutely does not at all. It is a closed system with no connection to the real markets, and is completely in favor of the house. The pressure is mounting worldwide to end the binary options fraud, however the perpetrators are not giving up.

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This week, several of the major firms held a secret meeting sponsors for binary options Cyprus t o found an unrecognized, underground and back street trade body called European Brokers Association EUBOA in a last gasp attempt to save their nefarious business from the imminent claws of the crusher.

FinanceFeeds believes that this will not be paid any attention to, and that sooner or later, the end will come. Hundreds of thousands of people all over the world have been victims of this multi-billion dollar scam since it rose to prominence in FinanceFeeds explained that a statement on this from Southampton FC would be welcome, and, whether unsuspectingly nor not, why major sports teams are still associating themselves with fraudsters and taking the money for sponsorship which has been stolen from vulnerable people who have no recourse.

Despite several attempts via email and telephone, no answer was forthcoming. Whether this will be renewed or not is unknown as yet, as it is due for renewal right now, however if it goes ahead, we will lobby Liverpool FC also for the very same reasons. Italian football club Juventus, one of the biggest teams in the world, accepted a sponsorship deal from 24Option, a large binary options brand which uses the TechFinancials platform.

Binary Options Broker ZoomTrader Signs Sponsorship Deal with Bologna FC

Just days later, the firm packed its bags and moved sponsors for binary options Ireland. On June 29 this year, 24Option extended its sponsorship of Juventus for another year. This shows the absolute rise to wealth of these fraudulent companies. We will also be lobbying Juventus on the same basis and for the same reasons.

We lobby Southampton FC on why they are taking sponsorship from fraudulent binary options firms

Great Portland Street has for many years been home to a plethora of specialist agencies, some very large, that work with blue chip firms and broker branding an sponsorship deals with large sports teams as well as other high profile visuals such as television and entertainment. We work for big blue chip clients often on this basis.

An additional caveat to bear in mind is that football shirts, and what is written on them, are massively influential to children and teenagers in parts of the world in which football is a very popular and almost religiously followed sport.

Their brokers are dishonest and the company does not follow accountable business standard in a transparent way.

IQ Option & Aston Martin: New sponsor - IQ Option with experience

Brokers say whatever they want to get you to buy in, promising bonuses and easy withdraw of your investment when in fact this is not the case. Its a shame that Saints would do business with Banc de Binary. I hope that the clubs supporters are not deceived. This is exactly the type of danger by association that it is our responsibility to trend line type out.

We would recommend that should Southampton Football Club, or any other mainstream clubs profit from this activity in any way, a trust account should be opened on a benevolent basis, in order that those affected could be paid their money back.

FinanceFeeds remains committed to the support of the mainstream and high quality bona fide retail and institutional firms in bona fide jursidictions which operate a genuine electronic trading system, as well as the support of their technology partners.