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By The Income Tax School June 1, Posted in: Misc Cryptocurrency is an emerging technology that an increasing number of taxpayers are looking into. This article was originally posted at Coincentral.

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As the values of top cryptos like BTC, ETH, and several others began to rise in latemore cryptocurrency miners became more concerned with the possibility options practical advice taxation earnings on bitcoin courses crypto assets and for good earnings on bitcoin courses.

Government agencies around the world are starting to place more taxes on cryptocurrency mining. US Mining Tax Laws Even though it might have been possible to legally not pay taxes on crypto mining in the past, anyone making profits off of cryptocurrency mining in Tax Year and beyond will now be subject to taxation.

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Like-Kind Rule Era Is Over Before the US Congress put forth a clearer ruling inthe classification category of cryptocurrency assets was up for interpretation according to many tax experts. Essentially, this ruling meaning that a miner could theoretically trade a mined cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency without having to pay taxes.

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Now, however, there are no more tax exemptions. US citizens and anyone with bitcoin mining operations in will have to pay taxes beginning in There are currently two options in the US.

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The first option is to report earnings from mining as self-employment income and income tax. With this choice, you are able to deduct expenses like mining equipment, electricity bills, and other related expenses.

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If you use the same electric meter for other purposes i. The main disadvantage to this option is that, unless you consume a significant amount of electricity, taxes will likely be much higher than the second option. Double Tax?!

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There are a couple of things to consider when paying taxes for mining profits as a secondary income stream. The best way to keep track of value is to write down prices at the time you mined a given coin. What could have been a net profit gain today could very well become a net loss tomorrow.

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In addition, whenever you profit off of a trade of any given mined coin, you have to pay a second, separate capital gains tax. Even as prices have gone down, governments appear to be more polarizing than ever before on this issue.

Cryptocurrency trading has firmly taken its place in the financial market, and has been generating profits for professionals for many years. Of course, successful digital asset trading, like any other type of trading, requires a lot of knowledge and experience.

Some nations are placing taxes on both traders and miners. Other nations are creating cryptocurrency tax havens.

What's stopping beginners from making a consistent income from trading cryptocurrency? Well, I simply bought and waited in hope, so was that considered a strategy? Now we need to talk. If you do not have a clear trading strategy, whether it is based on technical indicators or basic data on crypto assets, or based on technology algorithmic tradingthen certainly there is very There are many potential problems that you may encounter.

After that time, it is possible to convert crypto to Euros or other currency without having to pay capital gains taxes.