1. Take Holidays Orders by Phone

How can you make money on holidays

how can you make money on holidays

Many stores hire season retail employeesโ€”but working the Black Friday sales isn't the only way to earn. Many holiday jobs will need to be set in motion months in advance. The best time to start making plans for holiday work is between July and September.

how can you make money on holidays

But even in November or December, you may be able to pick up some extra holiday cashโ€”or start making plans for next year. If you have transportation and regular blocks of free time, you can offer to take on these responsibilities for an hourly or per-task fee.

To find this type of work, you can either advertise as a personal assistant or put the word out through friends and family that you're available to help out with holiday tasks.

how can you make money on holidays

Another route is to become a virtual assistanteither for individuals or through a company that connects VAs to clients. Micro job sites allow people to earn money by doing discrete tasks, such as checking a website's pages or doing data entry. Each task generally takes under an hour and pays a small amount, so you'll likely make under minimum wage.

how can you make money on holidays

These positions can include search engine evaluation, transcription, captioning, data entry, and interpretation in hundreds of different languages and dialects. Some companies also hire bilingual call how can you make money on holidays agents for customer service work.

Sell Items There are so many things that you can sell online nowadays, like old clothes, books, crafts, electronics, and much more. With so many legitimate websites that can help you sell your stuff, it is easier to get rid of the clutter for the festive season and still earn money. Use platforms like BookScouterDecluttrPoshmarketc. Test Websites Testing websites can be a very good extra cash earner for holidays as it does not require any particular skill. You need to know your way around sites.

Most positions require that you be either a native or fluent speaker. Talent and experience in floral design or interior decorating is helpful in starting a holiday decorating business.

To persuade clients to hire you, invest some time in building a design portfolio that shows off your work.

how can you make money on holidays

Take quality photos of any holiday decorating you do, whether you were paid for it or not. Use either a website or a social media account to show your work online and a showcase book to bring to meetings with clients.

Rent out a room, a guest apartment, or even your whole house when you are away. To rent around the holidays, you may also need to invest in sturdy holiday decor that can be set up when guests are in residence but you are absent.

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Shoppers are looking both for homemade gifts and unique decorations. Don't wait too long to get started; creating an inventory takes time and tables at crafts fairs may fill up early. If you are want to sell holiday crafts, start your planning during the summer.

how can you make money on holidays

Many home call center jobs hire agents for seasonal jobs starting in August and September, and these positions generally last through January. Quick earnings of 1000 dollars or pet sit.

These survey companies are all free to join and free to use! Deliver items through Postmate. Postmates is a service that lets people use their phones to order food, drinks, and groceries. Delivering those items is where you come in!